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I really do not know what to say today, you would think I would after all that’s happened today. I finally got to hold my new nephews. I got two boys, two twin boys. I’m screaming so hard. They are SO ridiculous cute. Their faces are like tiny little fuzzy peaches. They had tiny little tongues and tiny little eyes and tiny little fingernails on their tiny little fingers. They are perfectly sweet in every way. I’m not gonna lie, weirdly I wanted one. They smelt like baby and cuteness and eww this is what broody means isn’t it?!

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Babies are so adorable! and she had two of them. She’s so lucky! I hope I get twins too. Anyway, I digress. This is not at all the point of the blog post for today. The point of today’s post is to say happy magical leap day. To celebrate here’s a gloriously pink picture featuring items from The Arcade which opens tomorrow. Exciting right?! The best magic is accomplished in shades of pink.

I’ve also got some time sensitive items so grab them while you can.



Crown/Tiara: [Ersch] Archeress Gacha {Unrigged} Headband {@The Arcade}

Flower petals (face): [Miwas] Sakura petals on me “Face” {@Mainstore}

Eyes: [Lotus] Fairytale Eyes #16 RARE (catwa, BOM, Genus, Lelutka, Mesh) {@The Arcade}

Flower petals (body): [Miwas] Sakura petals on me “Body” (Maitreya, Freya, HG, Gianni, Jake) {@Mainstore}

High Gold collar: [Ersch] Archeress Gacha {Unrigged} Collar RARE {@The Arcade}

Neck collar 1: [Cubic Cherry] {Reno} collar YELLOW {@Mainstore} *previously at Romp

Neck collar 2: [Cubic Cherry] {Reno} collar PINK {@Mainstore} *previously at Romp

Chest ribbon: [Insomnia Angel] ichigo spirit – haru ribbon [candy] *unrigged/resizable {@The Arcade}*purchased

Puff Sleeve jacket: [Luas] Luas Milicent Jacket Pink (maitreya)  {@The Arcade}

Wings nipple covers: [Cubic Cherry] {Seraphic} pasties (unrigged) WHITE {FameshedX}

Dress: [Ersch] Archeress Gacha {Legacy} Dress -pink- (Legacy, Maitreya) {@The Arcade}

Wand: [Luas] Milicent Wand {@The Arcade}

Deer: [SEmotion] Libellune Baby Deer #1 RARE {@Kustom9}

*all listed items above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes except for items specifically mentioning otherwise. 

**mesh body used is the Legacy female mesh body and lelutka nova head. Skin by Mila and Lipgloss by Tres Beau. Eyelashes are by Okkbye.


Supporting Cast

Hair ribbon: [uzu] All for you – ribbon band 2 (pink)

Hair: [VCO] VCO HAIR _ Serri ( rigged )

Pose: [Konpeitou] Letter

Wings: [Blueberry] – FLF – Valentines Wings – NON BENTO


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