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You make me cry

You make me cry

Sometimes misunderstandings can easily occur but making up can be the sweetest part of all. Sometimes all it takes a gentle reassuring whisper of just how much you care.



Items from featured stores are listed below. For further items in the scene please continue down to the Supporting Cast.


Pink Lingerie (parfait): [Asteroid Box] Cepheus Lingerie (Freya, HG, Petite, Maitreya) @mainstore

Pink collar (parfait): [Asteroid Box] Athena Collar – w/o leash @mainstore

Pose (Main) (parfait): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 58 – 563 @Equal10

Pose (end) (parfait): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 57 – 555 @Collabor88

Hair (parfait): [DP Yumyum] *barberyumyum*P06 @Soiree

Ears: [Random matter] Iseul Ears – Human @Collabor88


Blue Lingerie (ichigo): [Sorumin] Lace up gacha 16 (top) and 17 (bottom) @mainstore (gacha item)

Pose (Main) (ichigo): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 58 – 564 @Equal10

Pose (end) (ichigo): [SEmotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 58 – 565 @Equal10


Furniture items featured now follow…


Tentacles in jars: [Cubic Cherry]  {Enjoy the Kraken} toy display 1li (Collaboration with neverwish) @mainstore

Bunny Chair: [Refuge] Bunbun Stool Pink @mainstore

Bears: [MishMish] Teddy Bear 1li @mainstore

Chandelier: [Half Deer] Faerye Flower Chandelier (Pink) @mainstore



*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes

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Supporting Cast


Backdrop: [Wearhouse] foyer pink Print 30li

Chair: [Moss & Mink]  Bethany Sofa (PG) 10li

Curtains: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Curtain Floral ] 10li (gacha item)

Cupboard: [Half Deer] Amelia Bookcase – Pink 1li

Vending machine: [Half Deer] Sugar Crush – Vending Machine – Bunny RARE 8li

Book Stack: [Half Deer] Book Clutter – Shelved – Pastel 1li each

Folded Blanket: [Half Deer] Neatly Folded Blankets – Pink Floral 1li

Unicorn jar: [Half Deer] Life is Sweet – Unicorn Sprinkle Jar (White) 1li (gacha item)

Open book on cabinet table: [Wednesday[+] Photo Practice ~ Photo Planner 3li (gacha item)

Doughnuts in glass case: [Tentacio] donut treasure 2li

Make up clutter on table: [peaches] THOT Mess Scattered Makeup 5li (gacha item)

Make up clutter on chair: [Tentacio] Roses and Makeup 1li

Powder set (mint colour): [Your Dream] Dream makeup – Tiffany Powder Base  1li (gacha item)

Picture on wall: [Acorn] Perfume Art -Pink 1li

Suitcase stack: [Half Deer] First Class Kitty – Luggage – Princess 6li (gacha item)

Earrings (parfait): [E.marie] Nikki Hoop Earrings -rose gold



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