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You got me

You got me

I had wanted to get this image up yesterday but stuff happened which means it is here today instead. I am sorry for the break in transmission. I initially lost the image, stupid photoshop is stupid. What can you do really? nothing. You just need to step away and take a break. Here it is though, resurrected for your viewing pleasure. I hope you like it because I certainly do but then again I’m biased. Cute clothes? check. Pink? check. I’m not really loosing. I had also wanted to do something simple that I could just enjoy as a non stressful shoot. As you now know, that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. Oh, the irony.

Still, frills! Happy, beautiful, delightfully girlish frills and femininity. If you aren’t a pink fan it’s okay because these outfits do come in other colours. I just wanted a pink and white asthetic. I love the current golden, autumnal hues of my avatar so much that it looks like this is what she is going to look like till I find something wintery.

Ready to check out the credits? I won’t keep you long because it’s a shopping day. I know, I got you. I’ve finished my shopping…for now at least. I’ve ploughed my way through the Saturday sale list like it was timed. I even managed to sneakily find some Happy Weekend sales before the public list. I am by no means finished but I just have to wait for the next day. While you are out there shopping do remember to keep some Lindens for Tannenbaum. It’s open now and I’ll bring you some more pictures soon but you won’t want to miss what’s on offer.



Dress: [Le Fil Casse] Rebecca Dress (RARE) *from Rebecca Collection gacha set (HG, Freya, Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite, L.Perky) {@Mainstore}

Bag: [Le Fil Casse] Tote Girl Boss *from Rebecca Collection gacha set {@Mainstore}

Top: [Sorumin] Daily Outfit – Top (Maitreya, Legacy) {@Mainstore}

Skirt: [Sweet Thing] Lucky Lace Mini (Maitreya) {@Mainstore}

Pet companion: [SEmotion] Libellune Fantasy Axoloti #3 UltraRare {@Anthem}

Backdrop: [Cubic Cherry] {Seren} backdrop PINK {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara with Petite chest combined with Lelutka Ryn mesh head. Skin is by Enfer Sombre and Lipgloss is by Top1Salon with opacity reduced.


Supporting Cast

Hair 1: [Doux] Rehab

Hair 2: [Doux] Rain

Pose: [Lyrium] Girls Dual Pose 10


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