You could have one of these…

You could have one of these...

or this…or that…or…!

This is probably one of the quickest images I’ve done and had it see the light of day. I think I was on fire today. I found a lovely Hot chocolate van by Apple Fall on the Tyraina Sim. I thought it was a really cute sim and I ran round trying to find the place for my fated image and I found it inside a van. I should have known I would be drawn to it. I mean I do love sweet things.

Most of all, I love candy canes. Our Christmas tree at home has to go through a minimum of three top ups because I keep stealing the candy canes off the tree. I’m a candy cane ninja. I start from the back of the tree, places no one will notice them missing and gradually work my way round to the front. At the front you have to become even stealthy-er. You then have to start taking them from between. Things look right if they are balanced out. As long as you balance out the look you can get away with taking from the front and it won’t be noticeable for a few days.

Before you all send me to the gallows however, I have to admit that at least one of those re-stocks are from me. I try to cover up my pilfering ways by replacing them…only to start pinching them off the tree over time again. Why do they have to sit there looking so delicious and tasting so minty. I can’t resist ‘mint’ things.

In fact I’ve got one on my desk right now…

Today’s image is featuring the tinsel top by Sorumin. It’s a Christmas jumper that is guaranteed to make you smile. It makes me think of the ones the teachers would wear during Christmas at school. I half expected it to have flashing lights too. It’s the cutest smileworthiest top I’ve come across so far in Second Life.



Top: [Sorumin] Tinsle Lovers Set (available for Legacy F and Maitreya) @Anthem


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy Mesh body. 


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Doux] Lana Hairstyle

Lipgloss: [Tres Beau] Make up Genus Essence Lips #3

Sim: Tyraina  (all background and items are part of the sim)


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