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You can kiss me…


Kiss me

I’ll close my eyes and even let you…but only after class.

Sorry that today’s post is so late in the day. I had to go out today. We did a big shop. Since the Coronavirus has led people to panic buy we have had to go out further to acquire things like toilet roll and such. We had to go all the way to our nearest Costco. I have never been to Costco before. It’s like a food paradise. It was also packed to the nines! It took ages to find parking and the throngs of people going in. I felt we were human cattle going into a factory for processing. We were even handed antibacterial wipes to clean our hands before we were allowed in. All part of the crazy experience. It was so fun!

For today, the pose I went with in the end was inspired by CocaineBrainpain and her pretty picture. I didn’t even have a pose set for what I wanted so it took some strategic rearranging of normal poses to get there. The image didn’t turn out too different from I had originally been working on. The background and the location was as it was meant to be. However it is the people in it that changed and the emotion portrayed. It was, when planned, meant to be a student and a teacher picture.

There were no stolen kisses to be had anywhere just an innocent teacher student moment. However with my love meter on high after watching the cutest love story anime and with the picture still in the fringes of my memory. I gave in. How could I not. It was such a cute image. The teacher magically disappeared and what was meant to be a studious environment devolved into stolen kisses after class. Those hesitant, will she let me – will she really do it, sort of kisses. So you all ended up with two students and a declaration.

I hope you like the new way it turned out. It was fun for me, that’s for sure. Here come the credits!



The following items are from Sanarae. This event closes on the 16th so don’t forget to go shopping and grab all the cute.

White top: [Dolly Daydream] Isobel Set – Top (Maitreya, Tonic Fine, Tonic Mini, Tweenster, V-tech)  {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Pink belted skirt: [Dolly Daydream] Isobel Set – Skirt (Maitreya, Tonic Fine, Tweenster)  {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Heels and stockings: [CryBunBun] Usagi Stompers (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Bumblebee: [.Tardfish.] Dumble Bee  {@Sanarae} {mainstore}


Items from Refuge mainstore…

Table: [Refuge] Emma Desk Pink/Natural 1li {mainstore}

Chairs: [Refuge] Emma Desk Chair Pink/Natural 3li {mainstore}

Pencil holder: [Refuge] Emma Desk Pencil Holder 4li {mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**Mesh body both avatars are using is the Maitreya lara mesh body


Supporting Cast

Build: [Bueno] Pink Sol Skybox 11li

Book stack on table (in foreground): [dust bunny] sweet dreams . books 1li

Double bookstacks (in background): [Plaaka] Books 1 1li each stack

Satomi (wearing): [Ondo] ROMI LOOK A # 2 (Maitreya)

Indoor plant: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li

Poster: [.random.Matter.] Noticed By Senpai – Poster [Morph] 1li

Backpack on chair: [Foxes] Bunneh Book Bag – Small – Blue

Papers: [M.Birdie]  School look s/s F.Flying in the wind

Letters and rose on table: [Lagom] Spring Rose – Letters #05

Pose 1(on table): [Konpeitou]  Whisper L *edited to turn the head using the Lelutka Axis HUD. (Konpeitou now called insomnia angel)

Pose 2(standing): [Serendipity] Tamara 4

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