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You are Trespassing

You are trespassing

…and we have special ways of dealing with ‘trespassers

Here’s another story themed picture that I just had fun with. It’s probably worth noting that if you see shenanigans going on in a rundown, abandoned building it’s probably not worth ducking in to take a look. You might run into all sorts of dangers including supernatural going ons that don’t concern you.

She doesn’t even look impressed to find you skulking about and even more unimpressed that you stumbled onto her ‘other self’ moment. Personally I suggest retreat as the wisest course of action, preferably of the ‘running away‘ variety.

Outside of all of that this is a picture I took with Satomi who was okay with being my brooding, strict but sexy-conservative librarian lady, descending behind my avatar. I think I might have a type. She was in charge of adding the ‘we are here to catch monsters…sexily’ vibe. I don’t even know how it is possible to catch ghosts and monsters ‘sexily’ but that’s apparently what we are doing. It’s subtly implied, can you feel it? That’s what I’m going with. Go us!

Now shoo, shoo, off to the credits before we crystalise you and do despicable things to you. Simply, despicable things…rawr.

Oh, before you do that, just gaze into the eyes for a second, pretty aren’t they? now they’ve stolen your soul. Should have run when we told you to.


♡  Hair: [Ayashi] Itsumi hair {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Eyeliner: [Goreglam] Oblivious Eyeshadow (Lelutka) {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Eyes: [S0ng] Artemis Eyes (Catwa, Mesh,BOM, Genus, Omega)  {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Tattoo: [Moonphase] Panic Pumpkin Tribal Tattoos (BOM) {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Earrings: [Koii] Hecate Earrings {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Outfit: [Pure poison] Sidhe Outfit (L.Perky, Maitreya, Legacy) {@Collabor88}

♡  Green monster: [SEmotion] SEmotion Libellune Crazy Hands #7 {@Access}

♡  Bunny monster: [SEmotion] SEmotion Libellune Crazy Rabbit #17 {@Access}

♡  Backdrop: [Kiru] The Rumored Stairs 81Li {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

♡  Crystals: [Disorderly] Crystal Aura {@Salem}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy Perky combined with the mesh head Lelutka Ryn.


Supporting Cast

♡  Pose (Bear): [NyaGore] Little Wiwi 02m *comes with wand*

♡  Pose (Satomi): [Foxcity] Spirited Away 6m (fatpack exclusive)

Abandoned Window frame: [Floorplan] Arched window *turned wrong way round

Satomi is wearing

Hair: [Exile] Jenna Hair*

Outfit: [valentinaE] Christy ensemble

Glasses is a gacha item from [Mudskin] however I do not know if that gacha is available anymore. The necklace is from MaxiGossamer.

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