You and I

You and I

Sometimes you don’t feel all as perky and upbeat as you want to feel even when you know the struggle is for a good reason. Chances are great that the end result will be better for you but wow it’s hard. I’ve been having one of them weeks. Rejection in any aspect of life hurts but the getting up, brushing yourself down and pushing yourself forward, even when you really don’t want to, tends to define your character.

For those of  you struggling to move forward and feeling entirely alone. It’s perfectly okay to be alone sometimes don’t worry things always fix themselves out.

I’ve buried myself in Ru Paul’s Drag Race because that show does always make me feel good. You can cry with them and you can also build your confidence with them and realise it really could be worse and not everyone will want what you’re offering.

And that’s okay.

But you can’t tell anyone I cry to tv shows. I’ll just deny it.

Today’s picture was more about taking an image for the sake of taking an image. I wanted to have fun and play with editing because I really needed that. However I believe it came out cute enough that I wanted to share it. I’ve also included detail shots this time too. The really amazing cuffs that come with the hand pose included comes from Asteroid Box.

I thought it was particularly symbolic of how tied up I felt and when hat happens you need to lean on someone else for a little while. Even if all they do is stand there and let you be. The poses that accomplish this are from SEmotion and I’will list what pack they are from below as well.




Items from Asteroid Box…

Collar/cuffs: [Asteroid Box]  Midas Restraints (unrigged/rlv and no rlv. comes with hand pose inside) @Romp


Items from Collabor88…

Collar Necklace: [Yummy] Turquoise necklace @Collabor88

Long Necklace: [Lagyo] Cassidy Coin Necklace@Collabor88

Bracelet: [Yummy] Turquoise Bracelet @Collabor88

Bikini (parfait): [Salt & Pepper]  Delilah (Freya, HG, Maitreya – interactive wet/dry) @Collabor88

Lace top (mimi): [Mossu] Abigale  Top @Collabor88




Pose (parfait): [Semotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 61 – 597 (arms locked by collar) @mainstore

Pose (mimi): [Semotion] Female Bento Modeling poses Set 61 – 596 @mainstore

here are some of the poses below for you to see…

poses from semotion.png



Plant: [Nomad]  Neon Plant // Purple 2li


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes




you and i larger details 1

you and i larger detials 2




Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – B A D (Black Auto-Hue) 20li


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