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Would you sit with me

Would you sit with me

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Welcome to the 3rd day of the year. You’re still smashing it, don’t worry too much. I’m still feeling incredibly motivated even though I haven’t actually done much towards my aims for this year. Instead everything else that I hadn’t really considered has cropped up. Things I hadn’t bargained for and to be honest didn’t think I would have to deal with. However, I am determined that it will not, not I tell you, interfere with my general happiness and optimism for the month of January.

I even made a picture on time and in advance. I am very proud of myself. I’m not actually chasing my tail so far. December was so very busy for me between trying to keep up with all the events and the December celebrations. Towards the end I found myself playing a huge catch up. I probably should have taken the month off from blogging but then what would I have done with myself? How do you take time off some and not all? The idea of doing no pictures at all well that seemed like a miserable existence. It’s my way of unwinding more often than not.

Yet how do you tell some people that you won’t be fulfilling your obligations in the month while filling others. It would seem like I wasn’t serious, right? Then again, how do you choose? I like every store and event I blog for, chances are I’m going to see something I want to blog. So I strapped myself in for the long terrifying ride. I could do it dang it. I would only abandon ship if I was to my neck.

As a result the start of this month blogging wise is like a breath of fresh air. I feel reinvigorated and that’s probably contributing to my general sense of well-being too. My next desire (commonly known as resolutions) for this year is to find a list of new to me animes to watch. One for every month even if I don’t watch one every month. Yay anime.

Only yesterday I learnt that there was a Sailor Moon restaurant in Japan and I felt so incredibly envious. Incredibly. Envious. I think that would be my dream job. I’ll just work on stage at a Sailor Moon restaurant. It’s a shame I wouldn’t pass as any of the sailors. I can dream though and in that dream I’m prancing up and down that stage busting out hearts till my fingers crack from making the shape and my face ends up with a perma-smile. Saving the world with the power beam of my smile and my teeny tiny skirt bishes.

ahem…I digressed from the point of the post.

If you still haven’t don’t forget to visit Okinawa’s New Year Festival. I love this event because you meet creators known and unknown with items you never knew you needed in your life because you never knew they existed. The event is laid out much like a market and it even has a temple too. I have a nice list for you today of items at the event. In fact the whole image is dominated by items from this event. The rest of the items are mainstore based. So, without too much more dawdling here comes your list.



♡ Eyelashes: [Stardust] Claire Eyelashes @Uber

Eyes: [more x cheezu.] kirara-tsurara : eyes 3 (catwa) *gacha item (*from previous Okinawa winter round but these eyes are so ridiculously gorgeous. Mesh eyes option available in pack too.)


Items from Okinawa New Year Festival

Tall Lantern (foreground): [Yasyn] Year of the Rat Andon (Okinawa New Year Fes’ 2020) *free gift 1li

Cabinets: [Yasyn] Kumiko Cabinet – Walnut 2li each

Bonsai: [Kaerri] 2020 Bonsai 3li

Lemon pig: [Lilith’s Den] Lucky Lemon Pig 1li

Mouse: [.TeaBunny.] Lucky Mouse Friend / Rez 1li

Hanging canvas: [Tsuru`s Artefacts] New Year Kakejiku – 2020 ( Nezumi Rat) 3li

Outfit: [Voice] Samue (Maitreya)

Hair Ribbon: [uzu] All for you – ribbon band 4 (yellow) unrigged *gacha item


Items by Keke and available at Mainstore

Table: [ keke ] zen sofa table w glass . brown 2li

Center tray: [ keke ] zen weeds 2li


Items by Soy and available at Mainstore

Picnic basket in cabinet: [Soy.] Vintage Woven Picnic Basket [Orange] 3li


*all above listed items in the featured area are products that have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*Mesh body and head used in today’s image is the Legacy female mesh body (with deformers) and the Genus Baby Mesh Head. The hair used is a mix of hairs by Doux one of which is playful.


Supporting Cast

Red pillow: {anc} Japanese pillow 2Li {red} 2li

Gold pillow: {anc} Japanese pillow 2Li {gold print} 2li

Cloth on top of cabinet: [Plaaka] LinenPlacemats Folded 1li

Stack of dishes in cabinet: [Plaaka] HydrangeaPlates stacked 1li

♡  Music notes: [Madras] Music Notes


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