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I’ve got more interiors for you because today’s post is about more home and decor and it’s featuring Ionic again. This time I’ve brought What Next along for the ride and I really liked this room. It felt busy but also simplistic at the same time. The items featured in today’s decor scene are from The Workshop gacha by Ionic. The hanging plant is from What Next at the mainstore.




Items from What Next‘s Mainstore

Hanging Plant: {what next} Summer Garden Hanging Planter 1 1li


Items from Ionic’s The Workshop Gacha

(item available at The Chapter Four and when this round ends it will be available at the mainstore)



Building: Workshop House – RARE 139li

Rolls of Fabric 1: Fabric Display (A) 5li

Rolls of Fabric 2 (middle): Fabric Display (B) 5li

Rolls of Fabric 3: Fabric Display & Dummies 6li

Canvas: ionic : Canvas for Ideas 4li

Stacked canvases: White Canvas 2li

Table of paints: Painter’s little table 7li

Drawers: Working Drawer 7li

Pottery stand (on ground, blue): ionic : Pottery working set 3li

Pottery dishes and cups (on ground): ionic : Handmade Pottery 3li

Table: Workshop table 4li

Sewing machine: Sewing machine 3li

Bed: Design Bed (Color) 8li

Wooden Stand (with sheets of paper): Sketch papers 5li


Items from Ionic’s The Spirit gacha

Shelf: Spirit Shelf 5li

Posters on wall: Messing me around [poster] 4li


Items from Ionic’s Back to College gacha 

White desk with chair: College desk 3li

Table clutter (book and highlighters): Notes from College [Architecture] 4li

Calculator, notebooks and pencil box:Phone and stuff [Notes] 3li

Laptop & clutter: ionic : Laptop , coffee and notes – RARE 6li

Lunch box: Food Taper [Sandwich] 5li


Items from Ionic’s Celebration gacha

Bench at bottom of bed: Ceremony bench (B 3li


*all the above items were kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast:

Neon sign on wall: :HAIKEI: Stay alive / GACHA / {7} 2li

plants behind bed: dust bunny . ivy room divider 11li

Pot plant (ground): {vespertine}- spider plant.

Standing plant by easel: :HAIKEI: Stay alive / GACHA / {2}

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