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Today’s post comes a little late because I was dragged into dinner duty today. Usually I am lucky and I get out of it. Yes, I’m one of those that gets to have their cake and eat it. For that reason I’m going to dive right into the credits because now that I cooked I’m incredibly famished.

I joined Weight Watchers to get rid of my after Christmas weight and would you know it I finally managed to eat less thought it is only because I’m too skint to eat much more in the day anyway. After all simple smiles don’t buy you free food. I would also be incredibly wary of free food presented to me by strangers anyway.

So yes, I’ve been eating less than what I would normally do unfortunately on the other side of the coin I don’t get to choose what it is I eat. Cheap food does not equate to incredibly healthy food. Not always. I stepped on the scales today after feeling way less bloated and lighter and thought…’I bet you I lost weight!’

Now, either my scale is broken or I stepped into the twilight zone but it says I gained about half of my original weigh in weight on top of my current weight. My eyes near bugged out of my head. I promptly proceeded to weigh myself twice more. Surely, it must be a fluke right? well…those results weren’t much better either. I haven’t a clue how it is possible to gain half my original weight extra in the space of one week while I’ve been scrounging for food for the better part of it. Ridiculous.

So I’m going to wait till next week when I would now have money again. We shall try this nonsense again and either one of two things is ending up in the bin. Me or the malfunctioning scales.

So on with the image today and it is my last post for Etoile! Etoile is still running till the end of January so don’t forget to swing by and pick up some items you may have forgotten to get.



The following items are currently at ETOILE (click for location)

Headband: [ bubble ] Bear Light Headband

Blush: [Lychee] Cold Blush & Simple Snowflake (omega)

Shoes: [Glutz] Nostalgic platforms (belleza, Kemono tip toes, Maitreya, slink, unrigged)

Pose: [Belle Poses] Letricia


Items from SOIREE

Top: [Scandalize] Sherry Top (Freya, HG, Isis, Maitreya)

Pants: [Amiable] Wide Leg Maxi Pants (Freya, Classic, Slink, Maitreya, HG, Isis, TMP, Venus)


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Tram] l0116 hair @Uber


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