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You’ve probably guessed by now that I like reading a lot. If you do not yet know, you’re in for a treat. I love reading. I don’t just love reading. I adore reading. Continuing on from my desire for a nook and creating one my other joy in life was always being able to read outside in the garden in the sunshine. Tucked away under a tree and dappled sunlight, with a book that weaves a spell around me and spirits me away. Far far away to a world immensely greater than the limitations of my own sometimes four walls.

Most of my reading was however done in the garden, down at the  far end. In the corner with the sun lounger quickly dragged under the near by tree. I could disappear into a world of my choosing, lulled away on an ocean of background sounds and soft breezes.

So welcome to my backyard; a place where the real world stops for a little while and adventure is but a comfy sofa & a book away.


Mish Mish has these adorable hen and chicks at the current round of Collabor88. They are just precious and with my love for hens, chickens in general (no, not just eating) they had to join me. They come with all of the fluff and none of the no no bottom bits that makes a mess of your garden. I had to get an up close shot.




Disorderly have this beautiful frame clutter and I also tucked in the flora frame from Fancy Decor to add to the garden clutter. They are both framed in the background by the Shutter Sideboard by Pilot & Can’t even and it’s amazing looking so good and arriving at only 1 land impact. I was pleasantly surprised by it. It also comes in a number of colours such as blue, pink & teal.




On the otherside I placed the Olive tree by Soy underneath the trellis by Floorplan. It comes with these adorable hanging bulbs. I wanted it to have some protection from the elements. These baskets I have stacked up on the side will come in handing for picking so they have been placed at the ready. They are by Pilot & Can’t Even too, stackable and only 1 land impact each. The inviting couch is by Soy and it ‘is’ as soft as it looks!




Cubbie seems to have made a new friend with a little chickling. It seems fitting as both of them were brought to life by the same creator. A bear and a chick…who would have thought they would make the best of friends. They’ve taken up residence in this lovely bowl by Fancy Decor and she absolutely refused to let me be until they had gotten in on a feature picture.




Sofa/ChaiseSoy – Skirt Covered Chaise Lounge [single]* @Collabor88

Books on ChaiseSoy – Books on Side Table* @Collabor88

Shutter Side cupboardPILOT & Can’t Even – Shutter Sideboard Table [White]* @Collabor88

Hanging plants{vespertine}– hanging pothos. @Collabor88

Jug plantSoy – Eucalyptus with Tin Jug* @Collabor88

Table it is on: Soy – Shabby Wooden Side Table* @Collabor88

Stacked baskets: PILOT & Can’t Even – Tobacco Basket* @Collabor88

Tree under TrellisSoy – Potted Olive Tree* @Collabor88

White Trellis with bulbs: Floorplan. – door trellis / white* @Collabor88

Plant bowl on the ground near hen{vespertine}– spider plant. @Collabor88

Hen by the table leg: MishMish – Hen / Stance a* @Collabor88

Book pile behind hen: Fancy Decor – Flora Book Stack @Collabor88


Hen & chick together: MishMish – Hen & Chick* @Collabor88

Chicks at the end of the path: MishMish – Chick / Bliss* @Collabor88

Corn on the floor: MishMish – Chicken Food* @Collabor88

Wire basket in the shed: Fancy Decor – Flora Basket* @Collabor88

Plants in the greenhouse: {vespertine}– birds of paradise palm,  aglaonema plant. @Collabor88

Table in the greenhouse: Fancy Decor – Flora Console* @Collabor88


Ladder: PILOT & Can’t Even – Ladder with Blanket [Stripes]* @Collabor88

Wire planter holding 2nd Olive tree: Soy – Vintage Metal Basket* @Collabor88

Candles: Fancy Decor – Flora Candles* @Collabor88

Footstool: Fancy Decor – Flora Step Stool* @Collabor88

Tulip: Fancy Decor – Flora Tulip Vase* @Collabor88

Bowl: Fancy Decor – Flora Bowl* @Collabor88

Crates by fireplace: DISORDERLY. – Lightly Rustic / Crates* @Collabor88

Frames leaning against greenhouse: DISORDERLY. – Lightly Rustic / Frames* @Collabor88

Frame leaning against urn: Fancy Decor – Flora Window Prints* @Collabor88


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators/events for blogging / review purposes. 


Supporting items

Plant behind the trellis: hive – potted plants . gold dust dracaenas

Blowing lace curtains: KKs – lace curtain

Urn by fireplace: Apple Fall – Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums

Greenhouse: Dust bunny – gardenia shed

Fireplace : Apple Fall – Hampton Outdoor Fireplace

Grass used: HPMD – WildGrasses , Sweet Garden Grass

Trees behind the wall: HPMD – Garden Tree07 – green a

Bush: Apple Fall – Privet Ball (Variegated)

Wall: Apple Fall – Kent Wall Set

Paving: Apple Fall – Whitehall Pathway


*denotes items kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

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