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Where the winter can’t get me

Happy New Years Eve! it came round faster than you expected didn’t it? Well in theme with the encroaching 2019 we are finishing of an amazing 2018 and starting a dazzling New year with a cozy, sparkling space away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy parties and the loud fireworks. Just you, the lights, flourishing life and good food and comfort.

Here come the credits…



From Fancy Decor @C88 & Mainstore

♡.Cabinet: [Fancy Decor] Jordan Cabinet 1li @Collabor88

♡.Metal Christmas Trees: [Fancy Decor] Jordan Christmas Trees 1li each @Collabor88

♡.Punch Bowl: [Fancy Decor] Jordan Punch Bowl 1li @Collabor88

♡.Gold cups: [Fancy Decor] Jordan Hammered Cups 1li @Collabor88

♡.Table: [Fancy Decor] Davidson Coffee Table 2li @Mainstore

♡.Picture on wall: [Fancy Decor] Jordan Wall Art 1li @Collabor88



From Keke @ Fameshed

♡.Candles on cabinet: [ keke ] bundle of candles 1li @Fameshed


From What Next at Mainstore

♡.Wreath: [What Next] Holiday Wreath 2li

♡.Frames Wreath: [What Next] Holiday Wreath Framed 2li



From Collabor88

♡.Tassles: [Second Spaces] Cozy Corner – tassel garland – up to the right 5li  @Collabor88

♡.Candles on ground: [Second Spaces] Cozy Corner – things on top 1li  @Collabor88

♡.Basket: [Second Spaces] Cozy Corner – basket 1li @Collabor88

♡.Flower hanging lights (ceiling & window): [Soy] Fancy Flower String Lights 5li each @Collabor88

♡.Champagne: [ChicChica] Bottle of champagne 2li @Collabor88

♡.Glasses Tower: [ChicChica] Champagne dispenser 10li @Collabor88

♡.Canapes: [ChicChica] Canape Dispenser (6li at resized) @Collabor88

♡.Leather stoolTrompe Loeil – Yasmine Seating Poof Leather PG 3li @Collabor88

♡.Block of flats outside window: MINIMAL – Soho Build -snow version- 44li each @Collabor88

Supporting Cast

Build: [Scarlet Creative] Harry Pottering Shed 109li

CanopyTrompe Loeil – Alessia Tent Loveseat 31li @Uber

Sofa: [Peaches] The Bates Chair – Forest  16li @Uber

Rug: [Nutmeg] Rug Gray, Group Gift 2li

Glass light: [Hive] hanging glass light 2li

Book: [Nutmeg] Pile of Vinage books Group Gift 1li


Plants list

On table: [Vespertine]- aglaonema plant. 1li

Behind Chair: [Dust Bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

Tall palm by window: [Dust Bunny] potted palm 5li

Hanging plants: [Dust Bunny] . hanging plants . ivy planter 3li each

Big leafed plat by canopy: [Hive] Oversized alocasia plant 3li

Flowers in jug: [LODE]  Philadelphus Vase 2li

Flowers in mini basket: [LODE]  Matthiola [white] 2li

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