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Where should I put it?

Where should I put it?

Bear is wondering just where to put the second toothbrush for maximum viewing (which is a word I just made up, I’m sure). Today’s image is about setting up the new bathroom set from Fancy Decor which is out at Uber. Guys, I’m going to say it again but ‘omg I love this whaaat?

I love these little decorative pieces, then again I do love clutter that makes rooms and bathrooms feel lived in and girly. This time though, there are items for the men too. Now it’s going to feel doubly lived in. Just as soon as she stops fussing about where to put it.

I just went ahead and took the picture anyway because I’m excited. Excited about these adorable things and excited that I seem to be slowly getting some inspiration back. I was so excited to have finally done a picture that I didn’t have to struggle to think of, brought to fruition and didn’t have to scrap the first five times, that I couldn’t help but cheer.

All it took was finally getting a break from gruelling hours, a whole day’s lounging and some unworried sleep. I feel so much better now that I can breathe again. I’m looking back at ol’ grouchy that preceded me the week before and I’m wondering who she was. She needed a break, bad.

So here we are feeling so much better, with Bear…in a bathroom…waiting for her to make up her mind already. While she is doing that, I’m going to go through the credits.


Dress/lingerie: [Pure Poison] Laura Lingerie (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Perky) {@Kustom9}

Razor holder: [Fancy Decor] Shower Razor Holder (white) 1li {@Uber}

Phone holder: [Fancy Decor] Shower Phone Holder (black) 1li {@Uber}

Toothpaste tube: [Fancy Decor] Toothpaste (mint) 1li {@Uber}

Tooth brush (black & white): [Fancy Decor] Sonic Toothbrush 1li {@Uber}

Deodorant (black & white): [Fancy Decor] Deodorant 1li (mens, womens) {@Uber}

Water flosser (placed on top of toilet): [Fancy Decor] Water Flosser – white {@Uber}

Cupboard (in corner): [Lagom] 08. Lagom – Sakura bathroom (Towel-Closet Black) 1li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been provided by creators for blogging /review purposes. 

**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky mesh body. Mesh head used is the Lelutka Lilly


Supporting Cast

Hair: [BonBon] amaya hair (*white hair streaks are edits)
Hanging plants 1: [Mithral] Hanging Monstera Adansonii (Pack C) 3li
Hanging plants 2: [Mithral] Hanging Philodendron Hederaceum (Pack C) 3li
Shower: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . shower . pg 14li
Tiled Wall: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . tiles . long 8li
Mirror: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . mirror . gold 2li

Earbuds/Qtips: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . qtip container 1li
Wall lamp (bottom only visible): [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . wall light . gold 2li
Magazine rack and tissue holder: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . toilet paper holder 1li
Double sink: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . double vanity 8li
Basket: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . vanity basket 3li

Bathbombs (slightly hidden under sink): [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . bath bombs 1li
Toilet: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . toilet 5li
Bath: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . bathtub . pg 8li
Bath tray: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . bathtub caddy 2li

*Pose used is an edited pose. If curious, the starting pose was Diversion – Blossom 1 and further changed by a hold animation by SEmotion’s kawaii latte cup.

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