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I’ve got another home and decor post for you and I hope you like it. It was fun to set up. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted when I started but it all fell together in such a pretty way that I’m going to pretend like that was my intention the whole time!

Now if only  I could get my real life hallway to be this pretty. I am certainly going to try. I’ve added some image details below, the original file size was 13k by 7k so naturally all that won’t ever fit on one page. So just in case you missed the details here they are.

I love the skele-cats so much, I think they are very cute I think it is the most perfect place for them to live. They don’t always have to exisit in dark monotone places. I feel like in life they were the cutest, fluffiest, pastel loving kitties.



Charging phone tablet: [Lagom] Tech clutter (Charging phone) 1LI {@Mainstore}

Pumpkin makeup clutter: [Lagom] Clutter pumpkin [ Floral ] 2LI {@Mainstore}

Glittery pumpkins: [Lagom] Stardust Pumpkins (Pink, Orange…more colours available) {@Mainstore}

Build used: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Babygirl [ Skybox ] RARE 34LI {@Mainstore}

Notebook on stool: [Lagom] Tech clutter (book reader) 1LI {@Mainstore}


Skeleton unicorn plushie: [+Half Deer+] Unicorn Plushie – Skeleton Pink (decor and hold versions available) 1LI {@Salem}

Skeleton Cats: [+Half Deer+] Skeleton Cat – Lay Forward & Skeleton Cat – Stand Forward 1LI each (hold version available in fatpack only) {@Salem}


Lamp: [What Next] Balboa Table Lamp 1LI {@Mainstore}

Wall picture frame: [What Next] I Love The Weekend Wall Print (pink) 1LI {@Mainstore}

Trailing ivy potted plant: [What Next] Pothos Plant (trailing) 1LI {@Mainstore}

Shelf: [What Next] Balboa Wall Shelf {@Mainstore}


Supporting Cast

Clothing stand: [Dust Bunny] primrose hall tree 12LI

Clothing shelf and rack: [Dust Bunny] clothing rack . colorful 16LI

Plant: [Dust Bunny] guiana chestnut tree 5LI

♡ Basket:[Dust Bunny] Gracie Living Room – Blanket Basket 2LI

Bunny slippers: [Dust Bunny] bunny slippers . dusty pink 1LI each (wearable)

Fluffy stool: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . fur stool 2LI

Rug: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White 1LI


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