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When the Boss is away

The staff will play. Like taking inappropriate selfies on the Boss’ table for instance. You can’t tell me you haven’t felt a flicker of daring once or twice.Surely it isn’t so. I know I have. I just would be too much of a scardy cat to give into it. Tales of photocopied bottoms, unsanctioned overtime trysts, rocking toilet cubicle doors and office party hi-jinks. Whoever said working in an office was all boring obviously was not privy to half the things that go on under the radar.

Today’s outfit is by The Secret Store, this outfit is perfection. I loved it. It was the starting point of this whole scene/story. Usually I like to start with one item or two and build around it. The shoes came next. I knew straight away that the new release by Pure Poison would work well with it. Then came the hair. I had seen it on my flickr feed a little while before Uber opened and with a eureka moment of remembrance I knew the perfect hairstyle.

Naturally with all this smart and sexy seriousness you should know by now my avatar can’t retain it for long and this is where the Lelutka facial expressions from SEmotion came in. Perfect timing. The build is by Minimal and the details in it are a thing of joy if you love detailed builds. What I love most about it is that it is furnished and detailed enough to be used on it’s own. At the same time however, it gives enough space for you to add your own extra touches.



We’re going to be dressing up for Halloween at our workplace and it’s always a crazy day. I remember the pictures from the last one. There is usually a best costume award too. It’s just a voucher but it’s the significance of the title that counts. I don’t yet have an outfit. I hadn’t even decided what it was I wanted to dress up as. I am cash strapped on top of it all. At this rate I think I’m going to walk into work with a kitchen roll wand and a paper witches hat. I think dressing up as a witch might be the least expensive thing to do. I’ll just join the other gaggle of minimum effort witches. I won’t win any awards but I would have had fun dressing up. That’s all that matters really.

You might wonder ‘why do you have to dress up anyway, silly girl!’

Simple answer is it’s fun. The TL:DR answer would be that I love dressing up. It is the only time in the year you can get away with it and it doesn’t matter what age you are. Want to dress like a Princess? go ahead. Want to dress up like a toy doll? go ahead, want to be a frog, fox, dragon or vampire? the more the merrier! Want to be a hybrid of two things since you can’t make up your mind? What ingenuity! To be left out of that sort of fun is misery personified. I hope there are Halloween fairy godmothers because I’m going to be in dire need of one pretty soon with a purse this moth ridden.



Face animationsSEmotion – Funny Faces HUD [Lelutka] @Limit8

EyesAvoixs – Truth E01 @The Seasons Story

PhoneMicamee – Stop GO GACHA – GoPhone – 2

ShoesPure Poison – Adrienne Boots (Freya, HG, Isis, Maitreya) @Uber

JacketThe Secret Store – Samantha Blazer (Freya, Flat chest, HG, Maitreya) @Collbor88

SkirtThe Secret Store – Fiona Belted Skirt (Freya, HG, Maitreya) @Collabor88

Build (background including building, board, table, chair)Minimal – Sorcerer Office 45li @Collabor88

Net CurtainsIonic – Translucent curtain (from the Spirit gacha by Ionic) 3li each



Supporting Cast


HairTram –  H1020hair HUD-C @Uber

SkinMudskin – Bloody Mari – Day #8 (Lelutka)

PantiesNX – Nardcotix Anael Thong White (Freya, Lara, Physique, Isis, HG)

PosesLa Baguette – Endless

LaptopPeaches – Tap That App – Laptop and Books 2li

Catus Plant (by boots)Peaches  – Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Cactus 3li

TabletPeaches  –  Modeh Ani Tablet Clutter – Tablet 2li

Pen JarVespertine – jar with reds 4 1li @The Epiphany

NotepadPeaches  –  Bae’s Journal – Pastel 1li

Potted plant (near notepad): Vespertine –  jade plant 7 1li

HeadphonesBazar – Stockholm-Headphones (decor) 1li

PeonyDust Bunny –  tabletop plants . pink peony . gold 1li

Potted plant next to itDust Bunny – tabletop plants . sword leaf 1li

Drinks cartApple Fall – Masculine Bar 6li


In this post I am using the Lelutka Spencer mesh head and the Belleza Freya mesh body. All items featured in the Credits section of this post have been kindly made available for blogging/review purposes by Creators/Events. 

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