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When its all about music

When its all about music

Today is a credits only post featuring amazing furniture items by Fancy Decor and more. I enjoyed the lighting style of my last home and decor image that I kept the theme going. Below are some unedited sl close up shots

close ups the music is all 1close ups the music is all 2


Piano/Clavicytherium: [Fancy Decor] Clavicytherium 6li @Collabor88

Seat: [Fancy Decor] Clavicytherium Stool 2li @Collabor88

Candle in foreground: [Fancy Decor] Lumen Duet Candle Holder 2li @Fameshed

Candle on trunk: [Fancy Decor] Lumen Candle Holder 2li @Fameshed

Trio of Candles on shelf and table: [Fancy Decor] Lumen Candle Box 3li each @Fameshed

Trio of candles on table centre: [Fancy Decor] Lumen Circle Candelabra 3li @Fameshed

Table/Drawer: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Console Dresser 2li @Mainstore


Chandelier: [Refuge] Carnegie Lighting Gold 2li @Mainstore

Candle style wall lamp: [Keke] wall candle – gold 1li @Mainstore


Pictures on wall (8 as one): [What Next] Picture Gallery Frames (Contemporary) 1li @Mainstore

Straight shelf of frames: [What Next] Bailey Picture Shelf 1li @Mainstore


Ladder: [Keke] metal step ladder – black 2li @Mainstore

Potted plants  (white pot): [Keke] potted herb – basil 2li each @Mainstore

Violin: [Madras] Violin 3li @Mainstore

Pile of books: [Madras] MUSIC BOOK 1li @Mainstore

Music sheets: [Madras] Music Notes 1li @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Rug: [Dahlia] Vulnerability – Quatrfoil Rug 1 3li @Collabor88

Wall Panels: [Sayo] Parsons Panel – Wall 02 1li each

Trunk: [Apple Fall] Apple Fall Leather Strapped Trunk 3li

Wine Bottles: [Apple Fall] Argentinian Malbec 1li

Whiskey bottle: [Apple Fall] Whisky Decanter 1li

Glasses: [Apple Fall] Wine Glasses 1li

Plant on Trunk: [Dust Bunny] hoya plant 2li

Wires on ground by books: [Soy] Soy. Gen-X Room: AV Cable @Kustom9

Hanging Vine: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 3li

Palm: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li


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