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Another Collaboration with Shy! yay! I really like these sort of days. It’s always a challenge and I am always curious to see how it comes out when I haven’t got as much control over a scene or it’s environment. It either comes out great or it comes out  not quite as you expected.

This was a combination of both, it in fact feels a little vintage-y in lighting. I hadn’t even realised that that was what I aimed for. Again I love how it came out. Today’s lingerie set is by Asteroid Box. It’s an adorable baby-doll style lingerie set that comes with these sweet little flowers you can turn off and on. Naturally I kept them on because how could I not, they are so cute.

My armband is by AMD and is available at Soiree. It comes in Silver and Gold but best of all it comes with different kinds of animals. I liked the paws because they reminded me of Bears and I am a Bear. So of course…paws. The lovely hairstyle is by Pr!tty who has the cutest hairs which I have currently been able to go through since I stumbled upon the store on a Saturday Sale list. Sometimes it takes a discount to make things temporarily accessible enough to fall in love with and feel you can’t live without. That’s definitely how Audible gets me.




Arm band: [Apple May Designs] Creature Armbands @Soiree

Lingerie set: [AsteroidBox] Anteros Dress  @Bloom


(*all above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes*)

**this post is done using the Belleza Freya mesh body and the Genus ‘Baby’ mesh head


Supporting Cast


Hair: [Pr!tty] Bellena


To see more credits and also take a look at another view of the above scene in all it’s cuteness, check out Shy’s version linked below. She’s the one that set up the adorable scene and she also has listings of all the items used in the background, the pose and even some things not pictured on my version.


Click here for Shy’s post…
Click here for flickr version
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