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I spent the entire day working on this picture because my productivity is down because it is one of those absolutely sweltering days again. Those sort of days where you just sit melting away in front of the computer and there is nothing you can really do about it. So sweaty. So gross. I am hoping this evening brings a coolness to it at least. It will make it more easy to bear.

But enough whining about how much I suck in warm weather!  So Kawaii Sunday finally came round and I was so excited after waiting for it on tenterhooks that it dragged me out of bed. I’d been up so late yesterday unable to sleep (heat) that this morning I was groggy as anything. That is, till I remembered what the day whas and what would be happening. I was not disappointed and now you get a picture with all my goodies. So.Much.Good.Stuff. I didn’t even get all of it in.

I’ve even got a bit of Collabor88 in there for you because this round smashed it, you guys, how do the themes keep getting better. I don’t know. I just know I love this round so much. It’s also a birthday round and well I do have a soft spot for the birthday rounds because they are amazing, big, beautiful and spoils you rotten with choice.

The skin I’m using today is from Enfer Sombre and I’m so glad I get to wear it again because it’s one of my favourate skin makers. This time there was a whole choice up to Ebony. I had to do a double take like…are you serious? and for lelutka two? Lies! No, it’s real. Even better at the store I was able to pick up some bom tinting layers and I was able to tint the skin to the shade I wanted. That was a lot of fun, it took some time to be happy but it was really fun.

As for the Bear-kin, well…we hadn’t spent some time together in a little while so now they are insistant to appear in almost every picture. I can’t complain, I have missed pictures with them and today’s made me smile. So, in order for me to be able to get away from this very hot computer I am going to take you to the credits and leave you with your wallet in one hand and the shopping list in the other.

It’s too hot you guys, uber me some icelollies before I pass out, okay? I’m relying on you!



Headband: [Kotte] strawberry headband {@Mainstore for SoKawaiiSundays}

Hair: [Tram] J0731a hair {@Collabor88}

Earring: [kosmii] Oorb Earring [gold] {@Collabor88}

Top: [Bamboo] Emsy Top (legacy, l.perky, maitreya, m.petite) {@Collabor88}

Shorts: [Bamboo] Emsy Shorts (legacy, maitreya) {@Collabor88}

Cat (held): [Sweet Thing] Cabootie Cat – Like a Bab {@Mainstore}

Boots: [Sweet Thing.] Cabooties – Fatpack (Non-Rigged, Maitreya, Kemono, Belleza, Slink) {@Mainstore}

Chairs: [Lagom] Knitted softchair kawaii recolors – [ Polkadots ] &  [ Floral ] 5li each *^ {@Mainstore for SoKawaiiSundays}

Picture on wall: [what next] Madeleine Wall Print – Sparkle 1li {@Mainstore}

Bears (on back): [MishMish]  Teddy Bear – Sitting / Latte 1li {@Mainstore}

Bear sleeping: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Sleeping / Latte 1li {@Mainstore}

Pink Rug: [Ionic] Heart rug {pink} 5li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Unless otherwise denoted.

*^ denotes items purchased from stores I blog for but still listed in the featured section

*mesh body used is the legacy perky mesh body combined with lelutka nova mesh head


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Serendipity] Tahlia 3 mirror

Skin: [Enfer Sombre] Lelutka Skin – Ume – Bronze tone *tinted with tint layers also from Enfer Sombre.

♡ Bear Ears and Tail: [+Half-Deer+] Bear Ears (Black) & Bear Tail (Black)

Eyeliner: [Enfer Sombre] Lelutka EVO Eyeshadow Applier Basic { for SoKawaiiSundays}

Lipgloss: [Ives] Candy Lipglow {for SoKawaiiSundays}

Cabinet: [Tentacio] Little closet 7li

Gramophone: [+Half-Deer+] Spring Serenade – Flower Gramophone (Light) 1li

Planner with watch: [Tentacio] flower planning pink 6li

Rose planner: [+Half-Deer+] Spring Serenade – Flower Diary (Pink) 1li

Doughnut box: {vespertine} treat yoself 2 – box of donuts 1li

Colouring pencils: {vespertine} – my little artistic clutter 2li

Bear shaped creampuffs:  [+Half-Deer+] Sugar Crush – Bear Creampuffs 1li

Potted plant: {vespertine} thrift store giraffe planter – pencil cactus/color 1li

Pile of books: [nani] my afternoon – book pile [rez] 3li

Game: [Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ GameGirl – common 4li

Table: [Dahlia] Vulnerability – Marble Table – Gold 2li *resized

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