We could float away



Any where you want, just lift your umbrella up into the air, whisper the magic words and off we go. It might actually be cooler up in the clouds.

The heat wave is well and truly here, I felt it today more than any other day. There are only so many Ice Lollies I can have in one day. Not because I’m worried about being greedy. It’s more the money and the having to go out to replenish the stock. The more often I have to go out, the more often I will have to mingle with people and my bank account will dwindle each time. It is this that keeps me from overdosing on them.

Today’s image is featuring a picture I again took previously with arcade items that I hesitated to release as I wasn’t really sure about it. I bet you have pictures that you get excited about when you take them, then you suffer this strange crisis of confidence. As a result I ended up doing a different picture instead.

I was going through the things I had done recently, in the pile of ones I decided against and decided, you know what? Post it. It’s fine. I haven’t much to loose now if I post or don’t post it right? Besides, the outfit is my enitre aesthetic. I love cute and adorable clothing. I’m that kind of girl. The cuter it is, the more I love it.



Umbrella: [Blah] Bunbrella Gacha – Dolly RARE {@The Arcade}

Headdress: [!Go!] Airi  hair dress {@The Arcade}

Fennec: [SEmotion] Libellune Fluffy Fennec Hold #4 RARE {@The Arcade}

Bunny necklace: [!Go!] Airi necklace – bunny {@The Arcade}

Cardigan: [!Go!] Airi Sweater (Slink hg, Maitreya, B.Venus, B.Freya) {@The Arcade}

Top underneath: [!Go!] Airi Frill Top (Slink hg, Maitreya, B.Venus, B.Freya)  {@The Arcade}

Skirt: [!Go!] Airi Skirt (Slink hg, Maitreya, B.Venus, B.Freya) {@The Arcade}

Frills: [!Go!] Airi Skirt add ons (Slink hg, Maitreya, B.Venus, B.Freya) {@The Arcade}

Skin: [Glam Affair] Sasha – lelutka evo – 13 {@The Arcade} *guys I’m sorry but I love this skin too much

Glass ball with flower inside: [Kotte] floral lights – sakura – pink 2li {@mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**mesh body worn in today’s image is the legacy mesh body combined with the lelutka nova mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Teacup: [Half Deer] Sakura Tea Party – Tea Bagging

Bubbles: [Half Deer] Bubbles Set

Sakura petals: [Half Deer]  Sakura Petals – windblown swirl

Hair: [Doux] Rehab

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