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Watermelon Part 2 – Sunset


Watermelon - Part 2

Here’s the part two I promised you. I changed the lighting to sunset. A sort of play on the fact that time had passed and it was no longer high noon. Do you like what I did there? It totally has nothing to do with the fact that I forgot what windlights I used before and that this idea I had instead. Completely unrelated.

So here before you is what the really close zoom in was hiding. I love this gacha set. I was going to show you the whole watermelon theme deck but I thought it might also be nice to give the classic version in the gacha some exposure. I think it works for when you just want a classic out door deck to fit in with your natural woods aesthetic. The swimming ring also has a watermelon texture and would have actually worked fabulously, unfortunately I didn’t get that texture. I still think that the sunflowers texture was a lovely way to break up the watermelon decor. It’s a really well textured ring and it also comes with poses.

I thought the watermelon barbeque was perfect for today, how could it be anything but. This is a mainstore item from what next but the rest of the scene, aside from the drinks, are from gachas. This means this will be your last chance to get them as gacha items. It’s definately worth making your way down to Okinawa to grab a few items and make your virtual back yard all summery.


Parasol: [LaFranG] Watermelon party#08-Parasol(Green) 4Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Pillow seat (yellow): [LaFranG] Watermelon party#11-Cushion(Yellow) 1Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Pillow seat (red): [LaFranG] Watermelon party#10-Cushion(Red) 1Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Pool: [LaFranG] Watermelon party#03-Pool(Silver) 3Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Shower: [LaFranG] Watermelon party#05-Shower(Classical) 3Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Swimming ring: [Honey Dragon] Swim tube (rez & sit) // Fatpack {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Watermelon slices in Ice:[LaFranG] Watermelon party#12-Watermelon(giver) 2Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Watermelon Barbeque: {what next} Caliente BBQ (melon) 2Li {@Mainstore}
Deck: [LaFranG] Watermelon party#18-Wood Deck(Brown) 9Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for review/blogging purposes.

Supporting Cast

Watermelon drinks: [dust bunny] watermelon vibes . cocktails 1Li

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