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Today is much cooler and has been a lot kinder to me. I got to spend a lot more time at the computer without melting away. There are still some things I need to tie up on it but I am gradually getting through it now I don’t feel like rage quitting everything.

The image today is definitely all about the boots and the tattoo but I like everything my avatar is wearing. Just love it. I’ll tell you about the featured items and then say a little bit about the extras.

The first item are those boots. Aren’t they just lush? What, you can’t see them that far away? Well! lucky for you here they are up close and personal sans any lighting. You’re welcome :3

Boots close up


I think you will find that these ARE the boots you’ve been looking for. They are by Asteroid Box and are coming to the 50/50 Mainstore event from August 1st till August 31st. They fit Maitreya Lara, Belleza (all) Slink (all) and also Legacy female.

The Astraea Boots are exclusively for the AsteroidBox 50/50 Mainstore Event which will begin at 12PM (noon) SLT on August 1st 2019 and runs for the duration of the month. There are regular and limited versions available, with the regular version being on sale for 50% discount for the first week and the limited version only having 50 copies.

The above boots I am using is from the Limited Version, so for full info about the 50/50 event please see the blog post here:


tattoo close up _ want some


On to the tattoos which are so beautiful and of course what else can you expect when they come from Stardust, maker of the prettiest hand drawn tattoos ever. In the history of Second Life world. Yes, I’m sticking to it! These are available at the new round of Uber. Incidentally it is also Uber’s fifth birthday and I spy some gifts to be collected.

I loved how this tattoo complimented the garter gift from Insomnia Angel that I picked up at The Crystal Heart.The butterfly is so perfectly positioned that I had a moment of ‘wow’ I have also pictured my favourate colours, though even that was hard. I in reality love all of the colours. It is quite hard to pick.

Stardust in addition to her usual appliers also has appliers for the Legacy body in this pack so omg you guys I’m just going to silent scream for a few seconds okay?


The jacket was one of my few purchases from Miwa during Second Life’s birthday celebrations and of course you can’t just buy one thing, pfft. I was so happy that I could afford to shop Miwa that I went a little crazy with all the virtual strutting and feeling boss for a day. I LOVE my jacket. It’s the best thing ever. I bought the White colour with the blue trim but imagine my surprise to find I could tint it. So I tinted it Red. I’ve since reverted it back but I bet you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t said. Cool or what?!

Okay I’ve rambled enough so lets start the credits so your very own shopping spree can begin…




Boots: [Asteroid Box] Astraea Boots (maitreya,belleza,slink,legacy) @50/50

Tattoo: [Stardust] Alice Tattoo (maitreya,belleza,slink,legacy,omega,classic avatar layers) @Uber

Vest: [Sorumin] Hot Summer Set – Top (maitreya) @Mainstore

Shorts: [N-Uno] Anita Shorts (maitreya) @Mainstore


*all the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Sintiklia] Usagi

Jacket: [Miwas] Never Jacket #white

Katana w/pose hud: [Miwas] Sakura Samurai Katana Pose HUD

Garter: [Insomnia Angel] Knight Garter TCH gift (comes with colour HUD)


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