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Thank you for joining me again today. I had intended another pop up post for Friday but I had run out of puff and decided to stick to the shedule. The decision was also based on the fact that there would no doubt be another pop up post soon enough as we approach the end of the month. How has your month been? was it good all round? or was it more terrible than good? I would say mine was good over all.

I’m looking forward to the last week because I get paid and I have a real life want list that’s growing as long as my arm.  I can only do a bit of it every month so this month I shall have to decide what I will get this time. You’ve probably guessed then that the is like having interest on a credit card. It grows faster than I can buy things off it.

We’ve roped Sa’chan in for a post again. I also went through my Ionic folder because I miss ionic and I wanted to get to post something from them again. Even if it is  an older release. I hope they start making more items soon. My SL experience seems like it’s lacking a piece of it. It’s all nostalgia for me and that’s aside from making such cute gacha sets. I liked setting up this scene becaue it made me think of a school band by a group of friends. We’ve even ordered some noms and have been trying to get in touch with you for absolute ages. Where have you been? Honestly, what are you like?! You are after all the lead singer in this makeshift band so hop up here already.

Now you’re here anyway, come check out this cool thing on my phone, it’s called ‘The Credits’


Parfait/Kuri’s outfit: [C’est La Vie] Rita School Look {@School Day}
Glasses: [Cheezu] classic glasses : large {@mainstore}
Bear Bag: [Kotte] bear bag R (maitreya, jake, kupra, gianni, unrigged) {@Harajuku}
Socks: [Cubic Cherry] Enn Loose Socks – Cream (Jake, Freya, LegacyF, LegacyM, Maitreya) {@School Day}

Rainbow: [Half Deer] Rainbow Pool Float (Bright) 8Li {@Summerfest}
Stars: [Half Deer] Mini Star Float – Tex. Change 1Li {@Summerfest}
Drums: [ionic] Vintage Drumset 7Li {@Mainstore}
Table: [ionic] Recycled table 7Li {@Mainstore}
Guitar and Amp: [ionic] LesPaul & Amp 6Li {@Mainstore}
Stage: [ionic] Co-Create Stage RARE 31Li {@Mainstore}
Sign: [ionic] The End 9Li {@Mainstore}
*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used is the Legacy Petite. Mesh head is the Lelutka Briannon.
*Satomi’s outfit is from Amitomo and Dami at the current round of Kustom9. Her hair is Doux.

Supporting Cast

Hair: [monso] Gwin Hair
Shoes used: [Ingenue] Haru Flats – Cotton Candy [SL17B]
Pose: [Foxcity] Loner 2m
Phone: [Foxcity] Selfie V3 – Phone (L Hand) – Wear me
Laptop (barely visible behind): [mintae] Kawaii Tech – RARE 01 1Li
Satomi’s Pose: [Foxcity] Neko 4
Take away food: [dust bunny] bunny bell . wrapped tacos 3Li
Bag: [dust bunny] overnight bag 5Li





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