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Vanity I

Bear and Satomi decided to try out the new Vanity set by Half Deer at Collabor88 and the only way to do this of course was to have a morning makeover. It’s always a good idea to get your hair into one of those sweet manageable hairstyles that not only looks cute but also manages to keep the hair (at least most of it) out of your face.

I know it is morbid but when I leave home I always like to have my best underwear on. At least underwear I would be caught dead in. Nothing worse than wearing that 5 year old underwear that you  forgot you even had at the back of the drawer. Yes, you know the one. The one with the unravelled elastic. Don’t even try and hide it, we all have one. I know because I came across one recently and of course all my undergarments were in the wash so I had to wear them. My shame knickers. Thankfully I wasn’t going out and was at home in my night clothes. Annual leave for the win.

Anyway, enough oversharing. It is an important starting point especially if you are going to go through the effort of getting dressed in front of such a cute vanity set. So, sexy lingerie, check. Lipstick, check. Mascara, check.

Pretty Jewellery?

One moment please…

Vanity II


And now, to get another female perspective. What do you think, yay? or nay? for the gorgeous jewellery set by Random Matter, also from Collabor88. Something tells me Satomi is in the ‘yay’ party.




Parfait’s hair: [DP Yumyum] barberyumyum*T10 {mainstore} {@collabor88}

Earrings and necklace set: [Random Matter] Yashir Set -Silvers *unrigged {mainstore} {@collabor88}

Bra and panties set: [Sorumin] Love yourself Set – Bra and Panties (Maitreya, Legacy) {mainstore} {@Anthem}

Robe: [Sorumin] Love yourself Set – Robe (Maitreya, Legacy) {mainstore} {@Anthem}



Vanity set (with stool): [Half Deer] Dreamrose Vanity – White (Pink Roses) 9li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

Make up brushes (on vanity): [Half Deer] Makeup Clutter – Brushes (rez) 1li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

HairBrush: [Half Deer]Makeup Clutter – Hair Brush (rez) 1li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

Compact & lipstick: [Half Deer] Makeup Clutter – Eyeshadow Palette (rez) 1li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

♡ Eye shadowcase: [Half Deer]Makeup Clutter – Assorted Makeup (rez) 1li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

Standing lamp: [Nomad] Fringe Ceiling Lamp // Rose 3li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

Chandelier: [Nomad] Fringe Floor Lamp // White 3li {mainstore}{@collabor88}

Hat boxes (under vanity table): [What Next] Madeleine Hatbox (stack) 1li {mainstore}

Pink seat with pillow: [Refuge] Lissanna Chair Pastel Pink 7li {mainstore}


Supporting Cast

Here you will find all the decor items that are part of the scene but not in the featured section. So if something you wanted to know about wasn’t listed above you will no doubt find it in this section.

Closet set: [Elm] Capalini Closet

Folded blankets: [Half Deer] Neatly Folded Blankets – Pink Floral 1li

Floral Tin (on shelf): [Foxwood] Tea time – Tin 1

Make up set (on shelf): [Tentacio] roses and make up 1li

Hanging vines: [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . light 3li

Lamp (on closet shelf): [-Nomi-] Princess Room Table Lamp(Light) 1li*gacha item

Cat in chair: [Foxwood] Cozy Kitty – Lay Decor 3li

Doughnut bouquet: [Dust Bunny] Donut Bouquet decor 2li


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