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Unguarded treats

Unguarded Treats

Summer and Icecreams go hand in hand so today I’m bringing you some delicious, refreshing treats. These unguarded delights are sitting on this lovely patio set by Fancy Decor. Look, I’ve even thrown in a pillow for you. Even the oranges look ripe and juicy, perfect for that summer citrus hit. Just in case you fancy it, there’s a mounted surfboard on the wall if you would like to go chasing waves afterwards. It’s all entirely up to you.

I would say to get to them before the bear-kin do as they are drawn in by food items from where ever they hide. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t already sniffing at the air.



Backdrop: [Ionic] Scenes – Ronda _5 19li *gacha item {@Mainstore}

Mounted Surfboard: [what next] Surfboard Wall Decor 1li *texture change {@Mainstore}

Door Mat: [Fancy Decor] Monogrammed Doormat (B) 1li *gacha item {@Mainstore}

Table: [Fancy Decor] Lisa Bistro Table & Chairs (white) 1li {@Collabor88}

Chairs: [Fancy Decor] Lisa Bistro Chair (white) 1li {@Collabor88}

Tea set: [Nutmeg] Sojourn Tray Bonus Item 2li *available in fatpack {@Collabor88} ‘*’

Vase of flowers: [Fancy Decor] Lisa Vase of Daisies 1li {@Collabor88}

Oranges: [Disorderly] Citrus Summer / Plate 1li {@Collabor88}

Fruit Popsicles: [Fancy Decor] Lisa Fruit Popsicles 2li {@Collabor88}

Tray for popsicles: [Fancy Decor] Lisa Tray 1li {@Collabor88}

Coffee & Icecream bowl: [Random.Matter] Coffee Confections – Affogato [Orange] {@Collabor88}

Pillow: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Pillow B 1li{@Collabor88}


*all above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise indicated with an ‘*’.


Supporting Cast

Vines on wall: [DaD] Climbing Ivy  2li

Cheese plants: [Dust Bunny] potted cheese plant 2li each

Hanging basket: [Dust Bunny] Tiered hanging baskets . brown 4li

Hanging Ivy basket: [Hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark 3li



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