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Under the trees

Under the trees

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The following items are part of the scenery and from Keke. They are available to purchase at the mainstore

Grassgreen: [ keke ] fairy grass . summer . 10 x 10 LI: 1
Bushes behind fence: [ keke ] small leaf bush . all seasons . hard LI: 3
Fence: [ keke ] back yard fence painted LI: 4
Leaves on the ground: [ keke ] fall maple leaves . ground cover . orange LI: 1
Trees: [ keke ] small leaf tree . all seasons . hard LI: 13
Grasspale: [ keke ] fairy grass . fall . 20 x 20 LI: 1
Tree with mattress: [ keke ] tree with mattress . all seasons . hard LI: 18


we were waiting for you larger CLOSER

The following items are from the Seasons story and include both the scenery and poses.

Poses: [WetCat] ‘Winds’ bento poses and props set. (transferable props too!)

Chesnuts on table: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Chestnuts LI: 1
Hot chocolate cup next to chestnuts: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Hot chocolate LI: 1
Leaves on table: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Leaves LI: 1
Sandwich: [Cinoe] Blackboard sandwich LI: 1
♡ Chairs: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Chair LI: 2
Picnic Basket on table: [Cinoe] Picnic Basket LI: 6
Blue/aqua coloured flask: [Cinoe] Water bottle blue LI: 1
Leaf chair seat: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle SingleLeaf Green LI: 1
Center table: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Table LI: 1
Box with clock: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Clock box decor LI: 2
Fire pit under table: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Firepit LI: 2
Hanging outdoor lights: [VIBES] Mixed Light (Gold) LI: 1
Basket of flowers in front of bike: [*:..Silvery K..:*] Autumn Garden(Basket Cosmos)chocolate LI: 3
Bike: [*:..Silvery K..:*]Autumn Garden(Bicycle Silver) LI: 3
Cushion seat pile with belt strap: [Cinoe] Picnic cushion (settle) LI: 1
Radio on top of book: [Cinoe] Busket radio LI: 1
Book: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle Book LI: 1
Cushion seat pile: [Cinoe] Picnic cushion (Pile up) LI: 1
Leaf under book: {Unflat Stuff} Autumn Angle SingleLeaf Brown LI: 1


The following listed items are for the clothing items and accessories being featured in this post. They are available to pick up from Kustom9 as well as mainstores.

Mouse: [MishMish] Cute Mouse – Cream @Kustom9

Dress: [On-Line] Yena Look – common (maitreya) @Kustom9

Cardigan and skirt outfit: [On-Line] Yena Look – Rare 01 (maitreya) @Kustom9

Hat and hair: [C’est La Vie] Alyssa Hair – Blondes (Hud for changing hat colour available in hair hud. It also comes with three different front styles.) @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.

*Mesh bodies being worn in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara.



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