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Under the stars

I couldn’t think of a better title because I liked the name of the set so much that I did the thing I really avoid trying to do. It’s not even night time, what am I like? but I just thought the name of the set was so pretty that I didn’t want to title the post anything different. It’s terrible of me, I know. I can only apologise.

When I took the shots of this set up I decided to go back and try Black Dragon again. I always say I’ll do it, I’ll try it and I always either forget or put it off. I think the first time I tried was such a task with so little payout that I couldn’t really understand why everyone harped on about the viewer so much. This time, I think I was a little bit better at finding my way around. It was short of the windlights I’m used to having in Firestorm but it wasn’t terrible actually. I dare say I enjoyed it. Gasp. I know, right? Miracles do happen.

There may not be stars yet in the falling light of late afternoon, but there are autumnal leaves blowing by. It still counts, don’t you think?



The following listed items are part of the Under the stars gacha set by Lagom {@TLC}.

Cushion seat: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Under the stars [ Softchair ] 5Li

Potted plants: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – Under the stars [ Plant ] 3Li

Bookpile and spool: [Lagom] 04. Lagom – Under the stars [ Book pile ] 1Li

Wine bucket with ice: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Under the stars [ Wine ] 1Li

Bar: [Lagom] 02. Lagom – Under the stars [ Bar ] 17Li

Fireplace shelter: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Under the stars [ Fishing hut ] RARE 16Li

Fire pit: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – Under the stars [ Fake Fireplace ] 1Li

Hanging text: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – Under the stars [ Sign ] 2Li

Hanging lights: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Under the stars [ Mason jar lights ] 3Li


Yellow flowers: [Keke] wild roses – yellow  2Li per cluster {@mainstore}


The following items are from the Zen Refuge gacha set by KraftWork {@mainstore}.

Pond: [KraftWork] Zen Refuge . Lily Pond 3Li

Candles: [KraftWork] KraftWork Zen Refuge . Candles Path 4Li


More items…

Stick fence: [Thor] Fence 1 2Li *from Beach Vibes gacha set


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Floating leaves: [Hive] falling leaves 1Li

Drinks cabinet: [Con.] Travellers Suitcase Bar – Coal 9Li



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