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Can you believe it is the last day of January? Bye bye January, you didn’t actually suck that much. I count that as month one of the New Year achieved. I grade myself with a C+.

There were still things I needed to have accomplished but didn’t. I know what they are and I’m ready to try again by bringing them further up the list. I don’t know about you but have you noticed that as soon as you get a list going other things you didn’t foresee pop up. They either insert themselves into your path so that you have no choice but to deal with them straight away and thus push something else down your list. If it isn’t that it is the type of issues that add themselves on making your list even longer still and you think you might never get to the end of it. I have had both.

Today I felt a little free. I had slept very well and I was all fired up with a desire to blog and off work. All things which equals lots of talking and fun pictures. Today’s post features twin avis of mine taken in the same image. One has Bear ears and one does not. One is elegantly dressed and one is wearing such a badass outfit. I feel simultaneously cute and very cool. It’s so cute. I am totally having a blast with AsteroidBox’s new colours and I’m not even a tiny bit through with them yet. Having both avatars wearing different things in the same picture is like having two sides of the same coin. I like this style…but I also like this style. They are both very me.

me and myself CLOSEme and myself CLOSE 2

My clone and I have been What Next shopping because naturally we would both share the same tastes and look how cute all the items are. We’ve got wall pictures, girlishly beautiful hat boxes and gorgeously formed tables. More importantly I just loved the packaging that’s essentially why I kept it in the picture. What Next bags are just too cute.

I am also very much in love with the cute heart shape cups. These are on sale for Fifty Linden Friday. The little heart shaped cookies are so adorable! I want to nibble on them. Like a wee mousey.



Jacket: [AsteroidBox] Adrian Jacket (Petite, HG, Legacy, Freya, V-tech) {@Equal10} {Mainstore}

Top: [AsteroidBox] Adrian Jacket – Petite Sweater {@Equal10} {Mainstore}

Trousers: [AsteroidBox] Lena Pants (HG, Legacy, Maitreya, Freya) {@Kustom9} {Mainstore}

Boots: [Sweet Thing] Lilah Kicks – Gingham Pink (Belleza, Kemono, Maitreya, Slink) {Mainstore}

Dress: [Sorumin] 19 -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -Dress WHITE- Legacy/Maitreya {Gacha Garden – Feb 1st}{Mainstore}

Handbag: [Sorumin] 13 -Sorumin- Maybe date? GACHA -Handbag WHITE- {Gacha Garden – Feb 1st}{Mainstore}



Hatbox under planter: {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (single) 1li {mainstore}

Tall stack of hatboxes: {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack) {mainstore}

Picture on wall (sparkle): {what next} Madeleine Wall Print – Sparkle 1li {mainstore}

Table: {what next} Amelie Coffee Table 2li {mainstore}

Mannequin/dresmakers dummy: {what next} Madeleine Mannequin 1li {mainstore}

Shopping bag: {what next} *This is just the bag the Heart Latte Tray came in {mainstore}

Picture on wall 2 (Vie): {what next} Madeleine Wall Print – C’est La Vie 1li {mainstore}

Heart shaped teacups tray: {what next} Heart Latte Tray (cream) 1li {FLF}{mainstore}

Side table: {what next} Amelie Side Table 1li {mainstore}

*all the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**There are two mesh bodies used in today’s post. For the dress the mesh body used is the Legacy mesh body.. For the jacket and trousers it is the Slink Hourglass with Petite Augment chest. Both mesh heads are the Genus Baby.


Supporting Cast

Build/Backdrop: [Foxcity] Photo Booth – #MyWardrobe (Rez) 18li

Planter: [Dust Bunny] quirky planters 2 . ice cream cone planter

Hair: [Doux] Mineko Hairstyle  *using strands from Playful

Necklace: [Dahlia] Carol – Necklace – White

Roses: [Apple Fall] Roses Box (Pink) 1li each box

Pose: [Konpeitou] Sit



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