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Hi, everyone! Welcome back. You probably know what I’m going to say because only one of two things tend to happen when I go away for a little bit. Either I was ill or I was working on a large post. If you guessed the latter you’re right. I’m here with another fashion and decor post. This time featuring items from one of my favourate events again. If you were around to hear my last call for Collabor88 last time then good on you! I hope you managed to grab what you wanted because it’s all changed again. What? you thought it was over? not a chance. I am about to go through some items that are available now for the new round.

We’ve got this lovely credenza from llorisen. I feel posh even calling it that, I didn’t know that’s what they were called. I am intrigued but I really liked the style of it. Oh, but the vases and the jars were amazing. The texturing on them is so beautiful. That’s not to say everything else is bad but when I zoomed into those I was fascinated for a bit. I think they are so beautifully done and the colours are gorgeous. It adds such a nice splash of colour without being too overwhelming. I decided that the pretty horses by Kraftwork would look really cute up there with the rest of the items. I’ve always wanted to blog those but they look so elegant that I wanted to put them in an environment that would be as pretty as they are.

I ended up thinking long and hard over whether the sofa would work well with the credenza but it turns out I worried too much for nothing. I think it worked perfectly. It matched the colours while also standing out in its own right with the Yellows and the Aquas. The center table also came as a set with the sofa and that matched the whites and gold of the credenza. Then, just as I thought I was done, I noticed these cute little pillow seats by Lagom and thought…you know what…?

You’re no doubt looking for the other items from Collabor88 but you’ll find them in the fashion half. The skin my avatar is wearing is by Utopia Skins, a shop I bought something from during one of the weekend sales and loved the skin for. This is in the same tone as the one I blogged previously, Canela. It’s so cute! look at the face on that. It was so cute in fact that I wanted to blog it bare until I saw the gorgeous gold dust eyeshadows by Warpaint. In my opinion, I don’t think this one takes away from the prettiness of the skin but rather gives such a pretty, entrancing quality to the eyes. I purposely left the rest of the face free of anything. So there isn’t any lipgloss or blush going on. I wish I could make eyeshadow work like this in real life. It’s gorgeous. I can’t.

Again, because I always have a weakness for wee little rodents, it was agreed that these precious little hammies had to be ushered in to meet you. Aren’t they so tiny and precious?! They are by SEmotion and are also available to pick up from Collabor88. It might be, like it was for me,  the first preview of the new system of ‘buying little prizes’. If you would like to give it a try drop by Collabor88 and check it out and give a little home to a rodent in need. Bear in mind they sit on your shoulder and keep you company. They are simply on the sofa so you can see how cute they are without all this beautiful hair hiding it. I’m in love with this hair, so much. If you guessed it was Monso, give yourself a cookie! Your eagle eyes and talent at spotting creators won you the crown for the day. Take it from me, Queen.



Hair: [Monso] Nimoe Hair {@Collabor88}
Skin: [Utopia Skins] Petra – Canela (Lel EvoX) {@Collabor88}
Eyeshadow: [Warpaint] GoldRush Eyeshadow – Nudist (Catwa HDPro, Genus, Lelutka Evo/EvoX, BoM for each head) {@Collabor88}
Top: [Sorumin] Hello Fall Set – Crop Sweater (Kupra, Kups, Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite, PerkyPetite) {@Anthem}
Skirt: [Sorumin] Hello Fall Set – Skirt (Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra) {@Anthem}
Tattoos: [Stardust] Le – White Tattoo (BoM, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink) {@Mainstore}
Shoes used (not very visible but for the curious): [Pure Poison] Gia (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Mainstore}
Hammies: [SEmotion Libellune] Hungry Hamster XS Common 09 and Common 05 {@Collabor88}
Bunny friend: [MishMish] Bunny Plushie – Sitting / Latte 1Li {Mainstore}

Furniture and Decor

Floor cushions: [Lagom] Flora Chair [ White ] {@Mainstore for Wanderlust}
Wall mirror: [llorisen] georgina mirrors 1Li {@Collabor88}
Hanging lights: [llorisen] georgina pendant light 2Li each (which includes the extension) {@Collabor88}
Credenza: [llorisen] georgina credenza 1Li {@Collabor88}
Tall vase: [llorisen] georgina glazed vase (pictured are Red, Taupe) {@Collabor88}
Short vase: [llorisen] georgina glazed pot (pictured are Dark Blue, Taupe-rezised down) {@Collabor88}
Seashells: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Seashells Clutter Li {@Mainstore}
Horse sculpture: [KraftWork] Decorative Carousel Horse . White 1Li {@Mainstore}
Wall Panel: [Fancy Decor] Classic Wall Panel – large – gold 1Li {@Mainstore}

Center table: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Retro Marble Coffee Table 2Li {@Mainstore}
Sofa: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Retro Sofa 11Li {@Mainstore}
Lamp: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Retro Table Lamp 1Li {@Mainstore}
Rug: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Oval Rug 6Li {@Mainstore}
Standing picture frame: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Angled Frame 1Li {@Mainstore}
Magazine: [KraftWork] Miami Retro Vibe . Miami Guide Magazine 1Li  {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used: Legacy Perky. Mesh head used: Lelutka Briannon EvoX.

Supporting Cast

Bowl plant: [vespertine] bubble succulent terrarium / type 1
Curtain: [Deathrow Designs] 3.DRD LN curtain 1 (poofed)
original Pose (slightly edited for neck angle): [Serendipity] Adora 4
Potted plant:[ dust bunny] tabletop plants . fiddle leaf branch 1Li

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