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It’s New Year’s eve and I hope you are going to get to spend it with someone even if it is the over excitable people on the TV as they count in the New Year. Unless of course you’re going to fall asleep for the countdown. There are even lots of choices for New Year Parties all over the grid.

In the coming year I want to be brave enough to try more collabs because I should probably socialise more right? but the platform feels so safe and non threatening. There isn’t anything unpredictable there. I am going to try two at least. I know exactly which girls I would like to ask too. Wish me luck in finding the bravery to ask and not chicken out.

Also, I like taking pictures with my Satomi. I even managed to get a lipgloss on her without being wrested to the ground and covered in holy water. Her hair is so cute right now. I could just ruffle it into submission.

Getting back on track though, I want to wish you the best New Year’s Eve and I hope that the next day is the best day you have ever had. I also hope that it will be just as amazing through out the year. Don’t forget to plan your resolutions!

See you on the other side in 2020 and thank you for keeping me and my blog company for an entire year. Try not to get too sloshed because I want to be able to find you again.

See you soon, guys!


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In order to show you just how pretty these eyes are by song, here is a in-world unedited shot on my boathouse. No frills no nothing, just Second Life. I think this works much better than a detail shot of the picture. What do you think? are they pretty or are they pretty. I’m in love. From afar they look almost entirely brown but up close what an absolute wash of colour.

together raw shot.png


Worn by Satomi

Top: [Ascend] Evelyn Wrapped Cardigan (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, SlinkHG) @Collabor88

Trousers: [The Secret Store] Lois Fitted Pants (Freya, Bulge, HG, Maitreya) @Collabor88



Worn by Parfait

Hat/Hair: [S0ng] Jen Eyes @Okinawa New Year Festival

Hat/Hair: [Haro] Purr Hat – Bento Ears – Mid @Okinawa New Year Festival

Top: [AsteroidBox.] Alina Shirt – (Legacy, Freya, HG, Maitreya, SlinkPetite) @Mainstore

Trousers: [The Secret Store] Lois Fitted Pants (Freya, Bulge, HG, Maitreya) @Collabor88

Boots: [Noir] Margot Boots (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink)

Adorable rats: [Vaak] Animesh Pet Rat @Okinawa New Year Festival



Mystic game: Refuge – Mystic Seer

Cat: [Foxwood] Cozy Kitty – Lay Decor @Collabor88

Chair 1: 13. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Soft chair Unicorn ] RARE 5li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Chair 2: 12. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Soft chair Stars ] RARE 2li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Table: 06. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Table ] C/M 2li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Plate of biscuits: 07. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Cookies ] 2li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Bowl of Marshmallow: 09. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Marshmallows ] 1li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Present boxes: 04. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Giftboxes ] 1li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Lollipops: 08. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Lolipops ] 1li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Wall sign: 11. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Unicorn Sign ] 2li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Wall lights: 05. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Nightlight ] 1li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019

Christmas tree decor (wall): 10. [Lagom] Unicorn Christmas [ Wall tree ] 2li @Mainstore @Dolled Up till 31st DEC 2019



Supporting Cast

♡ Satomi’s Hair: is by DPYumyum ( I don’t know what it is called however)


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