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Tiny living space

Tiny Living space - 2

Tiny living space

Today’s post is going to be image intensive. I can see it now. However since I had been playing building and decorating in Sims a lot recently, it made me think it had been a little while since I had decorated a whole building. In other words a post that had more than one room as the focus of the post as well as the building. So today, I’m giving you a whole building! Okay, maybe it’s not a whole building like you would be thinking. It’s just a small little building. Hence the title. I bet you now know for sure that I was playing Sims if you hadn’t already picked it up from the title. This really cute build is by Fancy Decor. I loved the slanted roof and the wood panels. I’m feeling everything even the concrete floor. I did cover half of it with the rug to split the room though but the bedroom floor was left gloriously bare but for a fur rug. Mhmmm…snuzzly. I did split the build into two parts with this really handy room divider panel from KraftWork. I love it a lot, it works so good with everything.

Now I had two rooms in the build, I thought at lot about what I wanted to put in. I had initially wanted a kitchen area, a small one, an open plan living area and then a bedroom with open plan bathroom area. The whole clawfoot tub bath in room luxury you only get at fancy hotels. Yes, that. Although, I ended up scaling that idea down because prims. We are just going to imagine that this is a cabin and the facilities are jointly used and located else where on the um…grounds. This part is the private part where you get to slip away to. Okay? got that image? hold it for me…now, it’s picture time with all the inworld shadows. All of them. Credits available as we go along.


Unless otherwise mentioned below all items can be found at the individual mainstores of which you can get the location of by clicking on the store names.

Build: [Fancy Decor] Fancy Decor: Clark Building 13Li {@Collabor88}


Living room area…

Wardrobe/Cupboard: [KraftWork] Wooden Faux Wardrobe 1Li

Middle cupboard with decor: [KraftWork] Sienna’s Hutch (with props) (rezable props with 4 options) 4Li

Wall Panels: [Fancy Decor] 08 Fancy Decor: Jones Wall Panel 1Li each (3 used) gacha item

Pillows on top: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional . Flat Pillow (texture change) 1Li each

Blanket on top: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional . Blanket (texture change) 1Li

Wall lamps: [Fancy Decor] Hurricane Sconce 2Li

Room Divider: [KraftWork] Wicker Privacy Screen . 4 Modules 3Li (this was resized a little bit larger to reach the ceiling)

Inworld shots – unedited – windlight used Xanthe’s – Flawlessness

Seating: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional (as laid out 16Li, each piece varies btw 2 to 3Li so you can build your own seating layout to match your prims/space. It comes with corners, middles and backless ottomans. Texture change for wicker and fabric)

Shelving/Panels around seating: [KraftWork] Taylor Table System   (This covers the surrounding panels/shelving around the seating including coffee table. I have placed it all around so there are even shelving spaces on the back. So neat! Using Brule colour. Pieces between 1-2li. As pictured 6Li. Table 1Li)

Pillows: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional . Flat Pillow (texture change) 1Li each

Slightly squashed pillows: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional . Corner Pillow  (texture change – currently using blue)

Blanket on top: [KraftWork] Taylor Outdoor Sectional . Blanket (texture change) 1Li

Gold sculpture: [Fancy Decor] Bradley Sculpture 1Li

Open magazine: [Fancy Decor] Bradley Magazine 1Li

Wine glass: [Fancy Decor] Merlot Wine Glass 1Li

Magazines under table: [Fancy Decor] Capo Magazine Stack A 1Li

Magazine basket under table:  [Fancy Decor] Russell Magazine Basket B 1Li

Basket: [Tarte] laundry basket (dark) 4Li

Rug: [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Boho Set . Gray Flowers 4li

Carpet: [ keke ] rug 43 . deer . grey (*rug resized larger to cover half the room so Li increased to 6Li)

Inworld shots – unedited – Xanthe’s – Flawlessness windlight – I love the label! it’s the little details that just elevate things.

Bedroom area…

Mirror over sink: [Fancy Decor] Industrial Window Mirror 1Li {@Uber}

Sink: [Fancy Decor] Industrial Sink 2Li {@Uber}

Handsoap: [Fancy Decor] Industrial Soap Pump 1Li {@Uber}

Toothbrush: [Fancy Decor] Industrial Toothbrush Holder 1Li {@Uber}

Towels on bedside table: [Fancy Decor] Industrial Towels 1Li {@Uber}

Bed: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Bed 9Li

Wall Canvas: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Canvases 2Li

Bedside lamp: [Fancy Decor] 05 FD & Commoner: Spero Table Lamp 1Li

Lounger: [Fancy Decor] Tartt Lounger 4Li

Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Dresser 1Li

Folded blanket: [+Half-Deer+] Neatly Folded Blankets – Leaves 1Li


Outdoor items…

Bin bags in the snow: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set  Leaf bags 1Li

Baskets/bins: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set – Frosty buckets 1Li

Frosty leaves: [Lagom] Frosty Fall set – Frosty buckets 1Li


I took some outdoor shots so you can see the wood panels. I took them in some of my favourate wintery looking/feeling windlights.


Supporting Cast

Snowball Pile: [Raindale] Snowday picnic – snowballs 1Li

Magazine files in glass cabinet: [Apple Fall] AF Magazine Files 1Li

Glass cabinet: [Apple Fall] Ariana Glass Cabinet – Charcoal 2Li

Suitcases on top of Faux Wardrobe: [Dust Bunny] storybook living . suitcase stack 1Li

Books on shelves round seating area: [Apple Fall] Books – Arrangements 1 and 2

Flowers in jug: [Lode Decor] Philadelphus Vase 3Li

Clementines: [Dust Bunny] dwarf fruit trees . clementines 1Li

Jug of juice: [Dust Bunny] harvest feast . cranberry punch pitcher 1Li

Hanging plants in bowls: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . double planter 4Li each

Curtain used: [Zerkalo] Holiday Spirit – Curtain 5Li

White pot trailing plants: [Dust Bunny] hoya plant 2Li

Book piles in bedroom: [fri.] Bookstack

Rose vase: [Dust Bunny] violet vanity . trinket dish 1Li

Fur rug: [Minimal] Tartan Home Set Fluffy Rug 6Li

Towel hanging on wall: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . hanging towel 2Li

Bag of oranges: [Dust Bunny] beach day . net bag 2Li

♡  Hanging top: [Dust Bunny] laundry room clutter . shirt on hanger 1Li

Long hanging ivy: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 4Li

Snowy wall outside: [Apple Fall] Farrow Garden Wall Holiday Spirit – Curtain 5Li

Palm plant indoors: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 3Li

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