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Glance through the window

Glance through the window

Have you stopped by the LL Valentine Shop and hop yet? you really should because time is running out. When I made this picture, before I got ill. I had every intention of going but as things played out I didn’t get to go. So I’m making a point to visit, today. The day of writing this is also February the 14th. Much like the previous post. I think I must be on a roll right?

I think it is also to do with wanting to get the images out rather than have them build up. I also don’t want you to miss out on acquiring these adorable gift boxes. They are transferable so you can put gifts inside them but in addition these rectangular frames are a free gift. You can put your image inside as I have done with one of them. The heart shaped frame is a VIP group gift which would be perfect for cradling that picture of your loved one.

Everything is in shades of pink as well and just outside the window is a garden of the most pretty flowers you ever saw. These are by Keke. I love the colour yellow. I can’t even say why. It of course has to be a specific colour of yellow. Bright, happy. Not mustard.

through the window close 1

It is such a small display that felt like it would have been perfectly at home with my previous home and garden post in similar shades. Is it possible to just have a pink room do you think? would it be crazy to want to have that in real life? I feel like if I let  my girlishness out and allowed it to fly as free as it wanted people would think I was having an existential crisis. The girl squelched inside is the most girlish overboard unicorn-like being you ever ever saw. I would go around in sparkle glitter if people wouldn’t think I had lost the plot. Bah, Britain. So conservative. Sigh.

Two posts in one day though, one fashion one home and garden. I spoil you no? Happy Valentines day for those of you celebrating. I wish you a love filled day.



Top shelf frames: {what next} Amelie Picture Shelf 2 1li {mainstore}

Bottom shelf frames: {what next} Amelie Picture Shelf 1 1li {mainstore}

Picture frame (large): {what next}  Pajamas All Day Wall Print (pink) 1li {mainstore}

Clock bookcase: {what next} Isabelle Clock Shelves (white) 3li {mainstore}

Blanket box: {what next} Amelie Blanket Box 2li {mainstore}

Rectangle photo frame: {what next} Shagreen Photo Frame 1li *gift {LL Valentine shop&hop}

Heart shaped gift boxes: {what next} Heart Shaped Gift Box (pink flwrs) *transferable {LL Valentine shop&hop} {mainstore}

Heart shaped picture frame: {what next} Heart Picture Frame (gold) 1li {mainstore}

Latte tray with heart shaped cups: {what next} Heart Latte Tray (cream) 1li {mainstore}

Hatbox (near window): {what next} Madeleine Hatbox (single) li {mainstore}

Side Table: {what next} Amelie Side Table 1li {mainstore}

Tall flowers (roses): [ keke ] wild roses – yellow 9 1li singles, 3li bunches {mainstore}

Puff ball flowers: [ keke ] wild allium . yellow 3 2li bunches {mainstore}

Trumpet style flowers: [ keke ] wild lilies – big – yellow 4li bunches {mainstore}

Grass: [ keke ] clover grass . summer . 20 x 20 1li {mainstore}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Bed: [Apple Fall] 1. Apple Fall Dolly Bed RARE 7li *retired

Curtain: [REIGN] BABE CAVE CURTAINS- # 4 11li (resized larger. gacha item)

Box of flowers: [Tentacio] Rose Box 3li

Indoor plant (clipped): [dust bunny] guiana chestnut tree 2li

Wooden wall board: [Onsu] ~ “FRQ” Wainscoting ~ Model. A ~ Narrow 5 Panels 2li

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