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This little piggy went to market

This little piggy went to market

but not to get carted off for bacon or Gammon. Gosh no. How could you conceive of something so awful. This little piggy went to market with Bear and had such a great time they even took a picture together. A picture to commemorate a cute day out.

Bear’s ears are showing again…shhh. I think she’s adorable so don’t tell her.




Featured items in scenery…

Metal Bridge/passageway: [ionic] Urban Passageway 35li (from Tokyo Life gacha) @mainstore

Build: [ionic] Tokyo Life RARE 123li (from Tokyo Life gacha) @mainstore

Traffic lights: [ionic] Tokyo Traffic Light 8li (from Tokyo Life gacha) @mainstore

Yellow Scooter: [what next] Vacanza Scooter Set2 (DECOR ONLY) 6li (wearable/ridable version also available) @mainstore

Grey Scooter: [What Next]Vacanza Scooter Set2 (DECOR ONLY) 6li wearable/ridable version also available) @mainstore

Barrel of Green apples: [IK] Harvest Time – Apples Barrel 3li @The ARCADE

Basin of Red apples: [IK] Harvest Time – Apples Basin B 3li @The ARCADE


Featured items in fashion…

Top/dress: [Chu-ing] Meow Meow Shirts 3 (maitreya)* @The ARCADE

♡  Hat: [Chu-ing] Meow Meow Beret 9* @The ARCADE

Piggy: [SEmotion] Libellune Glamour Piggy #9 @The ARCADE


*the above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for review/blogging purposes. The starred items however were purchased however being blogged for an event I am an official blogger for.

**I am using the Belleza Freya with a lot of alpha, however the outfit is for the Maitreya Lara mesh body and will fit that best. I’m just loving my Freya again at the moment.


Supporting Cast

Skin: [Boataom] Popo

Hair: [Tram] I0510 hair(M)

Cherry earings: [NamiiChu] Cyanna Earring

Lipgloss: [NamiiChu] Bambii lip gloss

Board: [Dust Bunny][Con.] – Farmers Market – Chalkboard 1li

Trucks: [dust bunny] Con – Farmers Market – Truck yellow PG 40 li each truck

Baskets: [dust bunny]  farmers market . shopping baskets

Haybales: dust bunny . harvest . haybale 1li each

Vegetables are also part of the farmers market set by DustBunny  & Consignment


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