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This is what’ll happen

This is what'll happen...


When you end up with extra time on your hands. I edited this picture way more than I normally would have done. I had extra time on my hands because I was watching Ru Paul and when from the current episode to the celebrity ones I hadn’t even seen before. That was interesting. I also then ended up watching The Willoughby’s. I did all of this in front of the computer so naturally this happened. Sorry.

Today I’m featuring items from Lagom’s gacha at Equal10 along with clothing from Pure Poison which also comes with strip functions. I loved the fact that the stockings went down by incriments on each leg. They function independantly of each other. It’s my absolute fave part. The bra and panties also come with strip functions and I loved that the HUD had so many more colours this time. Like you get the normal colours you expect from Pure Poison except you magically enter bonus time too. There are pattern fabric swatches and I was like ‘ahhh what is this perfection!?!’

I also got in these busts from Refuge that give off lovely neon lighting. It’s just perfect for adding atmosphere to a room. They come in green and pink pictured but also blue too. If I could just step back to the decor for two seconds that game console clutter  there in the corner? I love it! Going up to the gacha that is the exact item I would have wanted to win. Don’t want black well guess what, there are pink and mint coloured versions also in the gacha. However for this scene and for matching with my avatars clothing I picked out Black decor. It’s all a bit dark sexy. I’ve even got some shots of the decor only coming up below. It’s what the room looked like. I had to rejig everything around the final image and some things disappeared but here you get to see what it was like before.


Want me to let you in on the credits?

Okay! Here they come…




Bra & Panties: [Pure Poison] Adda Lengerie (Legacy Natural, Legacy Perky) {@Uber}
Garter, stocking and Heels: [Pure Poison] Adda Pumps – socks – Garter (Legacy) {@Uber}
Collar: [Vincue] Yulie Collar (Maitreya, Belleza, HG) {@Mainstore}
Tattoo (top, bottom): [Stardust] Elora, Eloranna – Purple Tattoo {@Fantasy Faire}
Earrings: [Momoko] Nyomie Earring {@Mainstore}


Dresser: [Lagom] 20. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Dresser black ] 3li {@Equal10}
Side table with shelves: [Lagom] 17. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Sidetable Black ] 1li {@Equal10}
Skull wall light: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Wall light Black ] 2li {@Equal10}
Hanging Stars and picture tags: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Wallstars Pink ] 5li {@Equal10}
Console clutter: [Lagom] 13. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Swotch Black ] 1li {@Equal10}
Rose coffin wall hanging: [Lagom] 07. Lagom – Goth-ish [ Roses Casket Black ] 2li {@Equal10}

Neon busts: [Refuge] Neon Torso Pink 3li {@Mainstore}
Seat: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Chair ] 4li {@Mainstore}
Makeup desk: [Lagom] 13. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Desk ] RARE 8li {@Mainstore}

Roses: [Sorumin] Bouquet box {@Anthem}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body and head used in today’s photo is the Legacy Mesh body and the Genus baby mesh head. Skin by Bold & Beauty, Eyes by Mila.


Supporting Cast

Body shine: [Bold & Beauty] Material Shine – Base Oil. Legacy
Hair: [DPYumYum/Barberyumyum] *barberyumyum*T12(03)
Pose: [Foxcity] Steamy
Magazine stack: [ChiMia] ChiMia:: Magazine Stack (Dark & Light) 1li each
Plant: [Mithral] Rhaphidophora Cryptantha (Pack C) 4li

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