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Good morning, it’s a cold snowy morning, here. The snow came in overnight and covered all the roads and pavements. It was pretty…till people started walking in it. Now it’s all brown and icky.

Yesterday however I stayed up late so I got to see when it started and when it fell. Why was I up late you say? well, because I had finally got some time to play with the new computer and tweak it back to my usual settings, windlights etc. Something I hadn’t yet had a chance to do. It had been more important to get back on track with my blogging and finish all my requirements for the month. I still haven’t finished tweaking all of it yet. However, I was satisfied at moving ahead  a bit more.

It’s February 1st and it’s going to be awesome, not like sucky January. Sorry January but you weren’t very kind to me. Welcome February, I hope you get me back into the swing of things. It’ll give me a redo in the form of Chinese New Year, it’s also the month of love and giving with Valentines day. I’m sure to feel the love…right?

Speaking of Valentines day, a new event is starting today. Have you heard? It’s the Cupid Event and it’s going to start on the 1st of February. It’s going to be amazing! I’m so excited. My post today is featuring an item from the event and it’s by Una.


Items from Cupid Event

Top: [Una] Carol Sweater

Held box of chocolates: [Una] Chocolates Boxes (Animation) red 1


Items by Kotte @ Shiny Shabby Event

Bowl of sweets: [Kotte] New Year Candy Plate (Xin Nian gacha) 1li

Sweet in mouth: [Kotte] Happy New Year Candy (mouth) (Xin Nian gacha)


Items from Soiree

Bottle of drink: [ChicChica] Dr.Reaper DECO 3li


Items from Mainstore (see links below)

Collar: [Cubic Cherry] {Saix} collar



Supporting Cast

Hair: [Sintiklia] Yuki (light blondes)

Vending machine: [Dust Bunny] ice cream vending machine . pink 7li

Heart shaped box of open chocolates: [Dust Bunny] assorted love chocolates 2li

Open box of doughnuts: [Tentacio] donut sweet box 1li

Strawberry pile: [Tentacio] sweet strawberries 1li

Plant: [Dust Bunny] guiana chestnut tree 2li

Flower: [Dust Bunny] tabletop plants . pink peony . gold 1li

Chair: [HAIKEI] Paradiso / Gacha / {2} 3li

Table: [HAIKEI] Pink for you_GACHA / {1} 6li

Build used: [AMI:HAI] Long Vacation Gacha – RARE 117


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