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I am in a more steady place now than I was , the new computer seems to be settling in nicely and I have been attempting to catch up with all of my requirements. There are so many things to show you in such little time. Rest assured however that I will be doing my best. It’s been so much fun. I feel like I’ve only looked at and edited pictures for forever. I have spent every moment setting up scenes for shooting. I’ve got square eyes. In fact after this post I intend to get a much needed Saturday afternoon nap. Those are the best. The only ones better than Saturday afternoon naps are the Sunday afternoon ones. I’m so close to being back on track that I am positively tittering in excitement.

Today’s post is to show you some more items I had from Okinawa, one of the events I was blogging for prior to the loss of my computer. I missed out on the chance to bring you more pictures but I wanted to finish off as an ode to the event that accepted me and to encourage you to pay a last visit.

If you are quick you may yet make it before it ends for the year just follow the link provided to the event below. If you don’t then feel free to visit the stores and find a new store or two.

We also have some items from Collabor88 and The Seasons Story and they are running through to the end of the month. We have left some space at the table and hope you join us, there’s always room for more. The more, the merrier. Don’t forget to bring your Bear.




Pose (parfait in the floral kimono): [Serendipity] Cora 4


items from okinawa new year festival

Floral kimono: [Ambrosia] 2019KIMONO-youko ~Maitreya

Items from Okinawa on the table…

Cooker: [Gokuraku] donabe

Table: [Gokuraku] KOTATU-2018-16prim (With sitting animation and carpet along with texture change hud by clicking)

Plate of sliced meat: [Gokuraku] niku plate 1li

Food place setting: [Gokuraku] Sanma-Tei 4li each

Sitting Pillows: [Gokuraku] Zabuton 2li

*all above items are by rei.aura resident, no inworld mainstore found but the items are available at okinawa new year festival. Flickr Page for Gokuraku


Items from Collabor88

Hair: Sintiklia – Elvina


Items from Seasons story

Pipe: [CX] Monstrum Kiseru (Static Un-Scripted) – Gold

Flower in hair: [Kyoko Couture] 8.KC No.74-Camellia-(Pink)resize

Kitty shaped meal: [89Hz] – Ebi Cat Tempura Donburi [B] RARE 2li


supporting Cast

Green kimono: [konpeitou] fuwafuwa–kimono (GREEN)

Flower tiara: [Zenith] Grape Leafs Corolla

Hair: [barberyumyum] 69 (brown)

Planter on table: [vespertine] thrift store giraffe planter – pencil cactus/clay 1li


Plants from the Left (near the cooler) …

All from Dust Bunny

dust bunny . pom pom plant . pink 2li

dust bunny . potted cheese plant 4li

dust bunny . ivy room divider 11li

dust bunny . elephant ear plant x 2 used. 3li each

Pillow pile: dust bunny . dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . pg 6li

Cooler: dust bunny . dreamy outing . cooler 5li

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