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[dropcap]Some [/dropcap]of my favourate things sparkle, some of my favourate things glimmer. Some of my favourate things smell nice and others are made of pure femininity. Some catch the light in special ways, others brush my skin like a butterfly kiss. Some of my favourate things jingle and the music forms the backing track of my life but in all things…they are always pink.

If you’ve not passed by the Girl Power event yet then whatever are you waiting for? Collabor88 is also around with some beautiful items to help the christmas-sy you stand out for all to see and admire.

I’m currently in love with this perfume bottle, not only is it pink but…and here’s the killer, it’s animated. It has a really really lovely animation by SEmotion and when you play it, you spray your avatar with the mist of the finest perfume in Second Life.

It’s something you won’t ever want to give away when you’re lucky enough to win it. There are a handful of other items in this gacha that also come with bento animations. There’s a lipstick, a Mascara and also a hair brush that come with animations. Want to try your luck? Hop on down to the Arcade. This gacha set is a collaborative effort between Foxy and SEmotion.

Cynful is here to dress you up for the festive season with the aptly named Classy dress and as you’ve come to expect, it’s a beaut. Form fitting with all the wrinkles in the right places it’s a must have. My Accessories are from the girl power event except for the pretty bow band which, along with the kissable lipstick, is by Lagyo and at Collabor88.



♡.  Headdress: [Lagyo] Lagyo Merry Headpiece (pastels) @Collabor88

♡.  Lipstick: [Lagyo] Lagyo sparkling lips (genus) @Collabor88

♡. Earrings: [Ersch] Mouse ornament earrings with HUD @Girl Power

♡.  Rings: [VO.Z ] Preserve snowflakes bento rings (maitreya, slink) @Girl Power

♡.  Rings: [Suga-Suga ]  Dolly Eyelashes (genus) @Girl Power

♡. Cardigan: [Cynful] Snuggle Cardigan – Maitreya Lara @Fameshed

♡.  Dress: [Cynful] Aurora’s classy dress @Collabor88


Make up items/accessories

The following items are from the ‘Beauty Essentials‘ Gacha by Foxy & SEmotion.

♡.  Perfume: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Perfume’ ANIMATED RARE Bento animated @The Arcade

♡.  Lipstick 1: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Lipstick Wine’  @The Arcade

♡.  Lipstick middle: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Lipstick Red’  @The Arcade

♡.  Lipstick nude/pink: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Lipstick Nude’  @The Arcade

♡.  Make up: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Makeup Clutter 2’  @The Arcade

♡.  Makeup sponge: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Blending Sponge Pink’  @The Arcade

♡.  Maskara: SEmotion Foxy – Beauty Essentials Gacha ‘Mascara Tube’  @The Arcade


*Items listed above have been kindly provided by Creators/Events for blogging purposes.

**This post is made using the Freya mesh body and the Genus Mesh head.

supporting cast

♡. Nail appliers: [Enfer Sombre] Abyssal (maitreya nail applier)

♡. Hair: [Truth] Natalie

♡. Suitcase: [Half Deer] First class kitty – open suitcase – princess

♡.  Bed: [BananaN] Dreams star bed RARE 11 (gacha item)

♡.  Lanterns: [Half Deer] Chinese Lantern Pink

♡.  Floral Pillow: [Dahlia] Blossom Accent Pillows – .08 (gacha item)

♡.  Box of pink roses: [Apple Fall] Roses Box (pink)


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