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The stolen sandwich

The stolen sandwich

Hi guys, I’m back again with another awesome title. Read it and be amazed by my awesome titling abilities. I title with impressive finesse. Today’s set up was also done earlier in the week. One of those pictures I told you I was ahead on. I’ve been absolutely gagging to put the credits up for this one already. I want the space back for my next build before my week runs out. Since I want to get to go back to building again on my last day off left, it means you get to go straight to the credits.



Backdrop 1 (behind cabinets & to the side): [ionic] Cordoba_9 11li {@Equal10}

Main backdrop used: [ionic] Alhambra – RARE 64li {@Equal10}

Gate: [Madras] 01 MADRAS Mango Delight Trellis – RARE 1 4li {@The Arcade}

Pillow with spoon: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Spa Candle* 2li {@Collabor88}

Stool: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Wooden Bench* 4li {@Collabor88}

Basket: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Basket Clutter* 8li {@Collabor88}

sandwich 3 crop

sandwich 2 crop

Cabinets: [Madras] 02 MADRAS Mango Delight Table Walnut  3li each {@The Arcade}

Potted banana plant: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Potted Banana Plant 7li {@Collabor88}

Horse statue 1: [Madras] 11 MADRAS Trojan Green 1li {@The Arcade}

Clay jar: [Madras] 08 MADRAS Mango Delight Jar 1li {@The Arcade}

Mango juice: [Madras]  05 MADRAS Mango Delight Juice Bottle 1li {@The Arcade}

Lantern: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Lantern* 2li {@Collabor88}

Horse statue 2: [Madras] 12 MADRAS Trojan Blue 1li {@The Arcade}

Lil’ cutie with a sandwich: [Mutresse] Pine Martens – 1 3li {@The Arcade}

Lil’ cutie curled up in the chair: [Mutresse] Pine Martens – 18  2li {@The Arcade}

Flowers: [Fancy Decor] Kay Hyacinth 1li {@Collabor88}

Bookstand: [Madras] 10 MADRAS Summer Food Book 1li {@The Arcade}

Chair: [Trompe Loeil] Solstice Chair Natural PG 5li {@Collabor88}

Round pot: [Soy] The Succulent World – Round Pot for 1 plant (gift) 1li {@The Arcade}

Short succulent: [Soy] The Succulent World – 11.Giant 1li {@The Arcade}

Square pot: [Soy] The Succulent World – Square Pot for 1 plant (gift) 1li {@The Arcade}

Tall succelent: [Soy] The Succulent World – 5.Midoribotan (Copy) 1li {@The Arcade}

sandwich 1 crop

Succulent (green): [Soy] The Succulent World – 17.Peach Necklace  1li {@The Arcade}

Succulent (green gold): [Soy] The Succulent World – 2.Peach Pride 1li {@The Arcade}

Mango tray: [Madras] 09 MADRAS Mango Delight Fresh Mango Set 2li  {@The Arcade}

Book stack & bowl: [Fancy Decor] Kay Books 1li {@Collabor88}

Vase: [Fancy Decor]  Kay Vases 1li {@Collabor88}

Console: [Fancy Decor] Kay Console 1li {@Collabor88}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided for blogging/review purposes unless otherwise denoted with an ‘*’



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