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The Sakura Tree

The Sakura Tree

Today I feel like existing underneath a tree of pink blossoms. So…I did! How do you like all the pink and florals? It certainly made my day.

It felt nice to make a home and decor post and besides it just being just that, I set it up outside the back of my house. The virtual one of course.

Can you imagine having a whole Onsu style house to yourself in the real world? Dreams are nice. The really are.


The following items are from Lagom’s Spring Get-away gacha at Bloom. This event is still open as checked today however it should be closing soon. Should it be closed then you will need to go to the Mainstore location by clicking on ‘Lagom’ above.

Shed: 01. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Cabin ] RARE 13li

Seat: 15. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Soft seat Floral ] 6li

Ladder shelf: 08. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Shelf Brown ] 8li

Frames inside shed 1 (rectangular): 02. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Frame L Brown ] 2li

Frames inside shed 2 (portrait): 05. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Frame S White ] 2li

Wooden letters: 10. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Letters A – E ] *available linked / can be unlinked 1li each

Cushion stool: 06. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Stool ] 2li

Mat: 07. Lagom – Spring Get-away [ Yogamat ] 3li


The following is by Lagom but available at The Liasion Collaborative

Tall picture frame: [Lagom] Rainy days Window 1li  *comes with texture change that includes city scene, day scene, sky and more.  You can also choose between falling rain and petals. It can also be turned off. My favourate is of course the falling petals. I’m so easy to read guys. {@TLC}


The following items are available at the mainstores…

Trees: [ keke ] windswept tree . sakura {@mainstore} 3li

Grass: [ keke ] clover grass . summer . 20 x 20 1li each {@mainstore}

Hanging flower line: [ keke ] summer party flowers . pink 4li {@mainstore}

Wreath: {what next} ‘Hello Spring’ Wreath 3li {@mainstore}

Book stack with candle: [Fancy Decor] Less Books & Candles 1li {@mainstore}

Lantern: [Ayla] Springtime – Metal Lantern *gacha item {@mainstore}

Armoire inside shed (only slightly seen): [Ayla] Springtime – Armoire w/Garland 8li {@mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Post box: [KraftWork] Fairy Cottage . Mail Box 5li *gacha item

Trailing plant: [dust bunny] hoya plant 4li

Elephant plant leaves: [dust bunny] elephant ear plant 5li


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