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The Sake Stand

The Sake Stand

Happy tuesday everyone, It’s day two of my holiday and I played sooo much Sims on the weekend. Do you know the amount of Sims I played? enough to make anyone sick of Sims. I also got to spend a lot of time just playing around with scenes in SL and deciding what I would like my next set of images to be. Here’s the first and it is featuring items from Okinawa Summer Festival. If you haven’t yet popped over please do before it cycles out of town. You won’t get a chance till next Summer and it will be so sad to miss out.

Don’t take this as any hesitation to approach, she’s just playing with some friends. Just put on a big sweet smile, wave and introduce yourself. You’ll come to no harm. She’s just a big soft bear (or rather, this this case tiny). There are a few other things that aren’t from the event and make up the supporting cast but you’ll find that below. All coming up right after we go through the main credits…

Supporting Cast

Outfit: [EXiA] Asanoha Yukata (Legacy, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Onibi: [Paradiso] Onibi (rez) red (I resized some and it is modifiable so I tinted and added glow) 1Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}

Stall: [Shifuku] Sake Stand building 17Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Counter on wheels: [Shifuku] Sake Stand counter 3Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Paper Lantern: [Shifuku] Sake Stand paper Lantern 1Li each {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Barrel Drums: [Shifuku] Sake Stand Drum Table 1Li each {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Shelf: [Shifuku] Sake Stand Counter Shelf 2Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Bottles on Shelf: [Shifuku] Sake Stand bottle (nihonsyu) 2Li per set (4 in one line) {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Group on bottles on counter top: [Shifuku] Sake Stand bottles(pattern) 1Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Banner (foreground): [Shifuku] Sake Stand banner 2Li (not all pictured)

Hanging decor 1: -[TWC]- Teru Teru -Sakura- 3Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Hanging decor 2 (middle):  -[TWC]- Teru Teru -Colors- 2Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
Hanging decor 3 (foreground): -[TWC]- Teru Teru -Red- 3Li {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
I resized  most of these, I have included the Li for the sizes they were resized to above. Original size was 1Li

Lantern on drum table: [CX] Temple Lantern (Silver+Rezz) 1Li (hold versions available) {@Okinawa Summer Festival}
*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky/mesh head is the lelutka briannon 3.1 evoX. I am not sure what lipgloss I am using.

Supporting Cast

Backdrop used for scenic background filler: [Paleto] .Backdrop:.OSK-88(MATERIAL) 156li
Hair: [Moon.] Hair // Oopsie Daisy
Eyebrows: [Nyaru] Yeule Eyebrows BOM Lel EvoX
Hairbase: [Studio Exposure] S.E Lelutka Evox Plastic Heart Black 04
Skin: [Mila] Taty
Pose: [Stun] Barbie 3

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