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I couldn’t bear to merge this with anything else because the outfit set was so SO pretty. So absolutely intricate that it would have completely overwhelmed anything else presented alongside it. This set is by Lua’s and at The Arcade right now! Don’t bother listening to me talk about it, go play it because it is life itself. It is for Maitreya only however I can’t imagine what else (besides VS and a few other designers…see my blogged for stores) that I would go through the change back to Maitreya for. Some clothing are just so very worth it. Then again you could try it with Legacy and see if it fits. They do have those deformers. I haven’t personally tried it with this yet but I did have an inordinate amount of fun a little while back  trying to see how much I could get into using the deformers and alphas. Usually that’s a past time of mine with the Belleza Freya.

However these days there are so much more items available for her that it makes my soul glad. Especially when some of my favourate stores have started to offer Freya sizes. It truly is a good time for enjoying your favourate mesh bodies to the full. Lets head on to the credits then…




Luas Burlesque Steam Gacha @ The Arcade (fitted to Maitreya Lara mesh body)

Wings: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Bento Wings RARE

Choker:  [Luas] Burlesque Steam Choker Cream

Headpiece: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Headdress

Mask:  [Luas] Burlesque Steam Mask

Gloves: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Gloves Cream

Gun: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Gun

Dress: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Dress RARE

Panties: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Panty Cream

Shoes: [Luas] Burlesque Steam Shoes Cream


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara

***Image taken on location at Black Kite

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