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I had a fun day today, I haven’t had such a fun day in a while but it’s the last day of the month and tommorow will be an entirely new month. I can’t have imagined a better way in quarantine at least to have finished the month. I decided that the last picture of the month would be a decor picture featuring Lagom. Are you surprised? did I surprise you? did I? You weren’t expecting it were you. Hm, I’m glad.

Happy last day of the month! See you at the begining of a new one.


The following listed items are from Lagom‘s new set – Minimalist Toyset. This is available at the Mainstore and is a collab with Seams Legit. It also features items from SoKawaiiSundays which will be running through till Friday the 4th of September for this week due to grid issues. So grab it while you can for only 65l$

Cooker: [Lagom] 15. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Kitchen] 2li

Crayons: [Lagom] 13. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Crayons] 1li

Ball hoop: [Lagom] 18. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Hoops] 1li

Abacus: [Lagom] 05. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Atticus] 1li

Blocks: [Lagom] 11. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Blocks] 1li

Number board: [Lagom] 01. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Numbers] 1li

Loop toy: [Lagom] 03. Lagom&Seams Legit – Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Loops] 1li


Items from SoKawaiiSundays @Mainstore

Plate/tray of cookies: [Lagom] Tea my heart? [Cookie plate] 1li

Teacup full of hearts: [Lagom] Tea my heart? [Cup roses] 1li


More items by Lagom from the mainstore

Bag: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Softbag Floral ] 1li

Flowers on wall: [Lagom] 11. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Wallflower Pink ] 1li

Rug: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Rug ] 1li

Hanging stars: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – The Nursery walk-in [ Mobile ] 1li

Heart wall light: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Babygirl [ Nightlight ] 1li

*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Build: [Varonis] Neve Skybox 70li

Build outdoors: [Trompe Loeil] Adelaide Pavilion Pool + Curtains PG 25li



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