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Recently I found out about a really nifty gadget called Grab My Credits. It’s a camera that gets all the decor credits from a scene in a set area. It is incredibly helpful. Usually I list all the credits by going through each item one by one and getting the information and the links. When I heard about this at one of the BVN get togethers I was intrigued to try it myself. Having purchased it, this is the first time I have actually used it for a post. I still feel all amazed at how nifty the little gadget is.

So today’s listing is all thanks to Grab My Credits as well as all the amazing Stores featured in today’s post. I had such fun decorating and crediting!

Below I have listed some items from Bloom event. It will be ending today so speed is of the essence shoppers. You have a handful of hours yet. Should you however miss them they will be available at the listed mainstores below. Just click on the store names in the credits as usual for the in-world locations.




items are listed from the background to the foreground…


Building used: [Nomad] Spring Townhouse // Cream LI: 87


Egg on dresser (red): 07 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (ruby) LI: 4 (gacha item) @Bloom

Egg on dresser (red): 03 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (pearl) LI: 4 (gacha item) @Bloom

In cabinet: 04 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (emerald) LI: 3 (gacha item) @Bloom

In cabinet: 06 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (amethyst) LI: 3 (gacha item) @Bloom

In cabinet: 01 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (rose) LI: 3 (gacha item) @Bloom

In cabinet on top shelf: [ keke ] zen weeds LI: 1 @Mainstore


Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Cactus Lamp LI: 1 @Fameshed

Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Console Dresser LI: 2 @Fameshed

Potted Plant (white pot): [Fancy Decor] Ruben Potted Plant LI: 1 @Fameshed

Small white vase on dresser: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Vase LI: 1 @Fameshed

Canvas: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Canvas LI: 1 @Fameshed



Glass: [Fancy Decor] Dutch Roemer Glass LI: 1 @Bloom

Black and gold chair: [Fancy Decor] Ruben Chair LI: 1 @Fameshed

Egg on poker table: 02 [Fancy Decor] Opulent Egg II (onyx) LI: 3 (gacha item) @Bloom
Beer bottles: [ keke ] fat beer bottles LI: 1 @Mainstore

Watch and accessories display box: {what next} Aston Accessories Case LI:1 (comes with open and closed versions. @Mainstore

Poker Table, chips and chairs: [Madras] PocketTable Decor Set @Mainstore

MADRAS PokerCoins 2 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerChair LI: 4
MADRAS PokerTable LI: 7
MADRAS PokerCoins 5 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerDealer Cards LI: 1
MADRAS PokerDice pack LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCard Deck LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCoins 1 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCoins 4 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCards Pyramid LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCards 2 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCoins 3 LI: 1
MADRAS PokerCards 1 LI: 1

MADRAS PokerCoins Center LI: 1


*all above listed items were very kindly provided by Creators for blogging purposes.

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Supporting Cast


items are still listed from background to forground…


Decanter: [ Apple Fall] Whisky Decanter LI: 1

Glass cabinet: [Con.] Basic Display Cabinet LI: 2

Scroll: [Con.] NYC Scroll – Brooklyn LI: 1


Hanging plants: [hive] hanging devil’s ivy plant . light LI: 3

Potted palm: [hive] potted fan palm plant LI: 3

2nd potted plant: {vespertine}- exotic plants / ficus -rubber plant LI: 4

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