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The Pink Room

The Pink Room

It’s a place for calming happy shades of pink. It’s a place for comfort and relaxation. It is a place for sweet treats and indulgence and it’s a place for a good ol fashion montage.

I am terribly sorry this post comes so late but I came home from work absolutely shattered. To be fair I had been tired from when I woke up this morning till when I got home and having dinner took my energy levels right down to the bottom. It wasn’t that work was particularly taxing today either. I think it was more down to the cold as well. I have to admit I crawled into bed right after dinner. It was a miracle that I didn’t end up falling asleep.

the pink room CLOSE 1

It was very close. It really was. I managed to pull myself out of bed when the tiredness wasn’t particularly wearing off. At this point it became somewhat of a necessity because it was getting quite late and if this mad plan of mine was to take place then it needed to happen before bed time.

Since the tiredness wasn’t going anywhere I decided I better throw myself out of bed. Have you ever tried that? Just roll your protesting body out of bed. You have no other choice but to brace to save yourself. In that moment of action you have to move anyway.

Once you’ve accomplished that you can only continue forward. Everything after that is only one small extra miserable step. Even if you wanted to crawl back into bed you would still have to get yourself up half way, no? Might as well continue the rest of the way. It’s foolproof I’m telling you. It’s only failed me once.

the pink room CLOSE 2

So with all that said, please please enjoy today’s pink post! Here come the credits to help you out…



♡  Chairs: [Half Deer]Vintage Settee Sofa – Floral (PG) & Blush (PG) 7li each {@Collabor88}{Mainstore}

Table: [Dahlia] Vulnerability – Marble Table – Gold 2li {@Collabor88}{Mainstore}

Sun hat on table: [Lagom] 07. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Hat ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Champagne (on table and cart): [ChicChica] Pearl Chammy Dispenser 2li {@Collabor88}{Mainstore}

Chocolate Strawberries: [ChicChica] StrawberryInChoc dispenser *resized to 7li each plate {@Collabor88}{Mainstore}

Wall cupboards/wardrobe units: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Add on closet Pink ] RARE 10li  {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Wall frames: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Frame ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}


Wall clothes hanger/shelf: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Hanger Pink ] 4li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Shelf (love): [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Wall Shelf ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Small wall roses (above shelf): [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Wallflower White ]  1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

wall keyholder: [Lagom] 08. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Keyshelf ] 2li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Tall shelf table: [Lagom] 22. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Bagshelf White ] 4li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Bench (under the bags): [Lagom] 20. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Shoeshelf Pink ]1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}


Bag floral: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Softbag Floral ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Bag leather: [Lagom] 16. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Softbag Lether ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Basket (with petals and blanket): [Lagom] 14. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Picnic Basket ] 1li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Rug: [Lagom] 17. Lagom – Spring hallway [ Rug ] 2li {@Gacha Garden}{Mainstore}

Curtains: [Lagom]  Amazon Vanity Curtain 13li {Mainstore}

*all items above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Build: [Onsu] “Eggplant” Exp. Skybox ~ Additional Room (Place By Door)

Plant on top of tall shelf table: {vespertine}- peace lily plant /texture change pot. 2li

Magazine stack: [Plaaka] Magazines 1li

Hanging vines: [Mithral] Caged String of Hearts (White) *resized to large size 11li


Standing clothing rack: [dust bunny] clothing rack . colorful 18li

Ceiling fan/light: [hive] bakers ceiling fan . silver . scripted light 3li

Trolley in foreground: [dust bunny] Con & Dust Bunny . Coffee Station – Gold 8li



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