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The overnight stay

I spent some more time decorating because Fancy Decor made a lovely bedroom set and bedrooms are one of my fun things to decorate. It might be because I love to sleep a lot. It might simply be that the bedroom is the only place I can really let my inner me shine. I love to make it look like I want, it is my domain to decorate as I wish. I have in it all the things in it that are precious to me. It’s comfortable and on the nights where you collapse into bed shattered beyond belief, nothing beats the smell of fresh clean sheets and a large bed all to yourself.

For this reason and more I’m entirely in love with the new bed and that’s even before we discuss the textures and the beautiful material reflections. The pillows look like they would be so soft and I’m one of those that likes to sleep in a veritable pillow fort. Today’s image also features some more items from the current round of Collabor88 to finish off the warm snugly feeling.

Here are today’s credits, happy Monday guys!



Build: [Minimal] Noble Skybox 78li @Collabor88

Items in the main part of the room…

Bed: [Fancy Decor] Fancy Decor: Roulin Bed 9li @Collabor88

Bedside lamps: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Mod Lamp 1li each @Collabor88

Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Dresser 1li  @Collabor88

Pictures over Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Van Gogh Prints 1li @Collabor88

Lamp on Dresser: [Fancy Decor] Roulin Marble Lamp 1li @Collabor88


Chair: [Loft & Aria] Mason Armchair (PG) – Dark* 4li @Collabor88

Side table: [Loft & Aria]  Mason Side Table* 1li @Collabor88

Rug: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White 1li @Collabor88

Book pile: [Kalopsia] Cleo – Pile of Books 1li @Collabor88

Clutter on bed: [Disorderly] Cozy Piles – Coffee & Journaling 3li @Collabor88


The bedroom_close 1


In the bathroom area…

Candles: [Fancy Decor]  Roulin Candlesticks 1li each @Collabor88


Items by Keke available at the current round of Uber…

Star on book (on bed): [ keke ] morning star . gold 1li @Uber

Star on table (foreground): [ keke ] morning star . black 1li @Uber

Shapes: [ keke ] geometrics . gold 1li @Uber

Crystal decor: [ keke ] crystal on stick 1 . gold @Uber


The bedroom_close 2


[*] all items listed above were kindly provided by creators /events for blogging /review purposes. Except for those marked with * which were personal purchases as well as items below in the supporting cast. All items listed above can be found at their respective events until the round is over. They may then be found at the mainstore.


Supporting Cast

In main room…

Pillows on ground 1: [Apple Fall] Cushion – Mud-cloth, Trellis 1li

Pillows on ground 2: [Apple Fall] Cushion – Satin, Bronze 1li

Clutter on bedside table: [Sayo] – Summer in Santorini Gacha – Welcome Goods (gacha item) 3li

Wine bottles on dresser: [Apple Fall] Argentinian Malbec  1li (free at mainstore)

Plant on dresser: [dust bunny] tabletop plants . fiddle leaf branch 1li

Cat looking up at the light: [Jian]  Forest Cat Static – Stare 1li

Cat walking into the bathroom: [Jian] Forest Cat Static – Walk 1li

Whiskey: [Apple Fall] Whisky Decanter 1li (free at mainstore)

Glasses: [Apple Fall] Wine Glasses 1li (free at mainstore)

Picture frame: [Acorn] Perfume Art -Pink 1li

Ceiling lights: [Refuge] Spark Lamp Shimmer Gold Smaller 7li


The bedroom_close 3


In the bathroom…

Rug: [Nutmeg] Rug Gray, Group Gift 4li

Bath: [Apple Fall] Victoria Clawfoot Tub – Iron 5li

Cabinet: [Apple Fall] Apothecary Cabinet 3li

Sink & mirror: [Ariskea] Veer – Bathroom Sink & Utility 3li



Cheese plant: [hive] potted plants – swiss cheese plant pot b 8li

Hanging plant: [dust bunny] hanging plants – ivy planter 4li

Potted plant in bathroom: {vespertine}- oversized maranta plant.



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