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Kotte has released a really cute gacha for The Arcade, it’s a claw machine filled with lots of snuggly friends to keep you company. The claw machine comes as the Rare but the commons are filled with cuddly, squishy little critters that are all too eager to befriend and offer up warm furry hugs. They are so eager in fact that they just might launch themselves at you with no warning but for the love shining in their lovely black eyes.

I assure you, it will be far too late to escape no matter what kind of ninja skills you may have been hiding from us all. Best to simply give into fate. The kind of fate which sees you loved forever more by round squishy balls of fur. There’s bound to be animal type that you bond with so I say play and see what lady luck deems your fuzzy partner (or partners) to be. Whoever your partner turns out to be, they will snuggle quite adorably on top of your head and follow you everywhere. Though not everyone will be able to fit on your head that’s what the rest of you is for.

play with me close web

Seeing as we would be meeting these new creatures it was imperative to get dressed up in just as cute a fashion. Cute meets cute. Right? Right. You get it. I knew I didn’t need to explain the subtle nuances of such a natural thought process. That’s why you’re awesome. So, in order for Bear to be at her utmost cuteness we settled on this outfit by On-Line which is also a gacha offering. This is one of the commons, isn’t it really cute? It’s so moi.

I love the cute bag slung over the middle. It would be the perfect space to stash money while playing at the arcade. Easy to reach for you but not so much for light fingers tempted to swipe away your coins before they make it into the machine.

Finishing off the look are the coffin shaped nails by WitchCraft, a cute puffy headband and earrings by Micamee. The glasses may not be one of the featured items but hello, Candy glasses. These will always be cute. They are by Tentacio.

I do rather wonder what the Bear-kin will make of these new friends because they are definitely staying for tea.



Headband: [.micamee.] Zazi Headband {@Sanarae} {mainstore}

Earring: [.micamee.] Zazi Earrings – Star {@Sanarae} {mainstore}


Chicken: [kotte] plush buddies – chicken {@The Arcade} {mainstore}

Dog: [kotte] plush buddies – dog {@The Arcade} {mainstore}

Pig: [kotte] plush buddies – pig {@The Arcade} {mainstore}

Tiger: [kotte] plush buddies – tiger {@The Arcade} {mainstore}

Monkey: [kotte] plush buddies – monkey {@The Arcade} {mainstore}

Arcade machine (x 2): [kotte] plush buddies – claw machine (linked) 49li each {@The Arcade} {mainstore}


Outfit: [On-Line] SUNNY LOOK / 6 {@Equal10} {mainstore}

Nails: [WitchCraft] Jelly Coffin Nails{@Sanarae} {mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

*Mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy mesh body combined with the Lelutka Nova mesh head. Skin by Mila. Eyelashes by Okkbye. Facial expressions made with the Lelutka Axis HUD.

*picture editing done to sleeve around hand to make sure the nails stood out too.


Supporting Cast

Glasses: [Tentacio] Candy Glasses Pink

Hair buns: [Sintiklia] Buns 5

Hair: [Sintiklia] Hair Milan

Machine (right..slightly cut off): [Bad Unicorn] ‘Blockz’ HYPE-R ARCADE MACHINE 2li

Machine (left): [Ariskea] Press Start Vintage Girl Game[Purple] 2li

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