The little one under my tree

the little one under my tree

I found a sneaky Christmas creature, small and dainty as could be lost underneath my Christmas tree. She wasn’t meant to be there and even she said “I don’t think it’s quite fair. Please, let me go and you can have this shiny bauble” she said. Do tell, what would you have done in my stead? So small and otherworldly I scooped her up immediately only for her to exclaim in fright. “Lo, send me back to the north pole. I fear Santa will forget, that he dropped me here on Christmas’ eve.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t bear to have her leave.



Eyelashes: [Stardust] Yuki Eyelashes (currently being used on Genus mesh head)

Pose: [Serendipity poses] Adora 5 @mainstore

Shoes: [Pure poison] Xmas Elegance Pumps@mainstore

Outfit: [yomeshoujo] Usamimidress Plaid1 @Okinawa

Outfit: [yomeshoujo] Zukin / Usamimi – plaid1(cr1) @Okinawa


*All items listed above aside from those in Supporting cast have been kindly provided by creators/events for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used was Maitreya Lara.


Supporting cast

Couch: [Moss & Mink] Bethany Sofa (PG)

Bauble: [RazzBerry Inc.] Kitty Ornament (Orange)

Presents: [TS Home] Xmas Pile @Marketplace



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