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The last Icecream van

The Last Icecream Van

You may have noticed that there is nary an ice-cream van to see anymore. They all seem to have slowly head off into the sunset. They’ve disappeared from around here at least and I for one will miss the tinkling melody in the air. I have to give up the happy sound of summer till next year and this thought is entirely depressing. So, Bear is out and about with the last Ice-cream van in town to give you that one last dreamy feel of summer. Something cold to indulge with and wilfully ignore the chilly undercurrent of the air around you heralding Autumn.

For one gloriously, cream filled, happy moment of delight you can pretend Summer isn’t abandoning you to the autumnal arms of it’s successor.

This brief moment of escapism is brought to you by a last call for The Arcade, Belle Epoque, Doe, 220ml , Mug and On-Line.

And of course, a self sacrificing bear who is totally not doing this for all the free ice-cream. No! this is a charitable expedition. Completely. Indubitably.




♡ Hat: [Belle Epoque] { Candy Girl } Hat Pink @The Arcade

♡ Hair: [Doe] Sunday (gacha item) @The Arcade

♡ Glasses: [Mug] Popular Girls – #18 Attitude Shades Pink @The Arcade

♡ Collar: [On-Line] RORO APRON GACHA / CHOKER PINK  @Flora Event

♡ Parfait (held): [On-Line] RORO APRON GACHA / PARFAIT BERRY @Flora Event

♡ Dress: [On-Line] RORO APRON GACHA / RARE @Flora Event

♡ Bag: [Belle Epoque] { Candy Girl } Bag Pink  @The Arcade

♡ Pose: [Stardust] Fun Portraits @Mainstore


♡ Icecream Van (Pink): [220ML] Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Pink Cart – RARE 17li @The Arcade

Icecream Van (Mint/Blue): [220ML] Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Blue Cart – RARE 17li @The Arcade

Here is a list of all the items on the ice-cream van and also part of the gacha…(working from foreground to background) @The Arcade

  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Cone Set – COMMON 4li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Candles Pot – COMMON 1li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Pot Cone – COMMON 1li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Ice Cream Display – COMMON 1li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Scoop Bucket – COMMON 1li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Financial Part – COMMON 1li
  • [220ML] – Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Sweet Straw – COMMON 1li


Sign Board: [220ML] Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Advertising Board – COMMON 1li @The Arcade

Metal bin: [220ML] Ice Cream Cart Gacha – Trash – COMMON 1li @The Arcade


♡  The buildings used in the scene is from Ionic and are listed as follows…

Building with railings: [ionic]La Cafeteria RARE 60li


*All the above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**Mesh body worn in this image is the Legacy mesh body however, the outfit is made for maitreya mesh body.


Supporting Cast

Skin: [Boataom] Popo –




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