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Do you like kitchens? I know I do, there’s always something tasty in it and if there’s not? You’ve been doing it wrong. There are a mixture of items in today’s post but my main features are items from KraftWork and What Next, I felt like both married up well in this country style kitchen. I won’t keep you too long before the credits because I’m currently working on something else and I’m having as much fun as I did with this so I want to get immersed again.

Oh, before I forget, I also added in untouched shots of the items on the shelf  up close. It seemed a shame to have you miss out on those details. I do love them so I’m going to share the details, here you go…


Items on the list by KraftWork and part of the ‘Kitchen Clutter‘ Set are available at UBER open on the 25th. Items on the list from What Next are available at the MAINSTORE.

Items on tall shelf in background, from top shelf to bottom…

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Thyme 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Quinoa 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Paprika 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Soup Plates (Gold) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Closed Basket Rose 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Can Food Pile 2 (Gold) 2Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Closed Basket Blue 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Glasses (Silver) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Empty Basket Rose 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Dinner Plates (Gold) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Plate Pile 1Li


Table: [KraftWork] Carolean Round Table *available today at mainstore for Saturday Sale*


Items on circular table foreground (top to bottom)…

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Granola 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Wheat 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Can Food 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Mint 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Coffee Mugs (Gold) 1Li

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Gold) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Rice 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Oatmeal 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . coffee 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Plate Pile 1Li

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Books Basket (Gold) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Bowls (Silver) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Paper Towel Basket (Gold) 1Li


Rug: [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Boho Set . Ethnic Pattern Beige 1Li


Items on wheeled table…

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Light) 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Spaghetti 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Dill 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Coffee Mugs (Gold) 1Li
{what next} Favourite Recipes Cookbook 1Li

Items on glass cabinet (behind), on top and on wall…

[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Rice 1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Wheat1Li
[KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Dark) 1Li
{what next} Gingerbread Illustrated Recipe Framed – Wall 1Li


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Where denoted with an ‘*’, should there be any, items have been purchased.


Supporting cast

Tall Shelf: [Apple Fall] Plantation Bookshelf (Cream) 3Li
Hood over sink: [Apple Fall] Plantation Stove Hood (Cream) 7Li
Sink: [Apple Fall] Plantation Sink (Cream) 2Li
Glass door cupboard: [Apple Fall] Plantation Cabinet (Cream) 2Li
Corner cupboard: [Apple Fall] Plantation Corner (Cream) 1Li
Tall slat cupboard: [Apple Fall] Plantation Cabinet (Cream) 1 1Li
Tarts: [West Village] French Tart Assortment 2Li

Hanging ivy: [dust bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 4Li
Potted plant on table: [West Village] Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot 1Li
Pears: [West Village] Pears in Vintage Trug 1Li
Milk: [West Village] Rice Milk w/ Carrier 1Li
Puppies: [Jian] Choco Lab Pupper Basket3Li


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