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The kitchen table

I love today’s post because it felt really cosy and magical to make. I wanted it to feel like a cottage out in the woods where the light only comes in through certain points simply because it is such a rustic building. I added deep shadows because it made it feel like there were magical hidden places made for exploration. The food is in the forefront of the image because…food. It also all looks so delicious that it is essentially the star of the show. Doesn’t it just make you want to have a small taste? Am I the only one obsessed with virtual food?

How about now? now that we are up closer. Do the smells and sights seem a little more tempting now? I really want the brocolli soup…and hear me out, hear me out first. I once made brocolli and stilton soup and it was my first time making it and wow did i surprise myself. I had been convinced it would be rank. It turned out to be so good that now I can’t look at this soup without the memory coming back to me and wanting most desperatly to taste it all over again.  I even feel like if I touched the tomatoes they would be firm to the touch. The mushroom sauce in the pan looks tempting. I’m one of those people that adores mushrooms. I don’t think I’ve had muchrooms in any form I have hated yet. Garlic mushrooms are the bomb! Do yourself (and your tastebuds) a favour and try lightly roasting your button mushrooms in a pan with some butter and Gia Garlic Puree. You will thank me.

I did add some extra items to the scene that are not from the current gacha set being featured but I have listed them below in the credits. Speaking of credits, I’ll just clean up my drool and you can continue on below. Happy Sunday you guys!


Featured items

The following items are by Ionic and part of the ‘Cocina de Meigas’ gacha set available {@ Equal10}

Cupboard: [Ionic] Despensa de Meigas – RARE LI: 17
Tiered table: [Ionic] Mesa de meigas LI: 3

Items on center table…

Tray of vegetables: [Ionic] Patatas cebollas y tomates LI: 3
Banana and honey platter: [Ionic] Platano con miel LI: 3
Recipe book and spices: [Ionic] Recetas de la abuela LI: 3
Cracker and spread: [Ionic] Arroz meloso con tosta de queso LI: 2
Pasta, pesto and olive set: [Ionic] Pasta rellena LI: 4
Pan of mushroom sauce, garlic and mushroom clutter: [Ionic] Salsa de setas del bosque LI: 5
Bowl of broccoli soup: [Ionic] Crema de brocoli LI: 2
Egg tray and whisk: [Ionic] Preparando el postre LI: 4

More items by Ionic available from gachas at the {@ Mainstore}…

Wood frames: [Ionic] Distressed Piled Windows LI: 5
Backpack: [Ionic] Traveller’s backpack {brown} LI: 7
Pot of rice, tomatoes and cheese: [Ionic] Cooking Rice LI: 4
Center Table: [Ionic] Rural table LI: 4
Shelves of boxes: [Ionic] Old wooden boxes shelf LI: 15

Build used…

Building: [Ionic] Sunshine Cottage RARE LI: 73

More featured items…

Rug: [Fancy Decor] Couperin Rug LI: 2

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

Supporting Cast

Hanging Basket : [Dust Bunny] tiered hanging baskets . brown LI: 4
Hanging cheese plant : [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . cheese plant LI: 4
Hanging ivy plant: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter LI: 4
Box & flower pot : [Sese] 29. Sese_Garden Kitchen_Wood box & Flowers


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