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The Invitation Part 2

You’ve been re-invited, welcome to the living room. Please do make yourself comfortable.


The Living Room

This is decorated with items from Ionic’s  Where? and C’est La Vie gachas as well as Spell’s May gacha

Sofa: ionic – where is my sofa? (white) 6Li

Writing Desk: ionic – where is my desk? 7Li

Telephone (wall): ionic – where is my phone? 3Li

Picture frame: ionic – where is my ocean frame? 1Li

Wall plates decor: ionic : Oui [Art wall] 4Li

Large Cake: Spell – Nude Cake

Photo album & camera on floor: ionic – Polaroid Guestbook 5Li

Bench in foreground (comes with rose pot plant on top): ionic : Ceremony bench (A) 7Li

Potted plant on it: ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (B) 3Li

Lights on wall behind shelf: ionic – where is my light tree? 18Li

Shelf: ionic – where is my shelf? 5Li

Potted plant on shelf : ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (C) 3Li

Place setting on table: Spell: Porcelain Dinnerware 2Li

Origami curtain: Spell: Origami Curtain (White) 4Li


Above items have been kindly provided by Ionic and Spell for blogging/review purposes. The items that follow below are a mixture of  items provided by creators and items I have purchased. The ones belonging to me have no ‘*’ to differentiate them.


Supporting Cast

Single cushioned sofa seat: Apple Fall – Bea Reading Chair (Hydrangea) 3Li

Rug: Soy. Tinged fringe rug * 2Li

Cushion pile on SofaLAGOM – Kawaii Livingroom 01. – [Floor pillows] 1Li (gacha)

Hanging Plant: dust bunny – hanging plants . cheese plant 4Li

Potted standing plant: Hive – potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot a 6Li

Flowers on shelf: LODE – Matthiola [yellow] 2Li

Frames on Shelf: DISORDERLY – Lightly Rustic / Frames* 2Li (resized)

Brown potted plant on shelf: ionic – where is my plant?* 3Li

Book stack and tins on shelf: Apple Fall – Tea Tins & Tea Books 1Li

Cabinet: Apple Fall – Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors 3Li

Inside Cabinet (bottles): Apple Fall – Violet Glass Bottles 1Li

Inside Cabinet (cloche): Apple Fall – Snowdrops in Cloche 1Li

Suitcases on top: dust bunny – storybook living . suitcase stack 1Li  (gacha)

Lace curtains: KKs -2 lace curtain 1 – Straight 3Li

Centre table: ARIA – Ophelia coffee table 3Li

Candle: Apple Fall – Scented Candle 2Li

Box of roses: Apple Fall – Roses Box (White) 1Li

Newspaper: Apple Fall – Crumpled Newspaper 1Li


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